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South Bend, IN

Another new state

Soybeans & corn fields

Our view most of the day - freeway & corn fields

The mighty Mississippi River


Test fields of soybeans & corn


Home of the American Pickers





Dinner at Bierstube in LeClaire

Pretty farm house & fields

Scott County Park - home for the nite

Last time we were on Hwy 6 was on Cape Cod

Pretty Iowa farm

World's largest truck stop

Sculpture displaying Iowa products at the Welcome Center

Big piece of new farm equipment rollin down the road

Farmer at work

Tiled fields & drainage pipes being laid

Love this barn!

They manufacture whatever size you need!

Some farmers still raise beef cattle

Some co-ops are larger than others

Iowa Speedway at Newton, IA

Crossed the Racoon River a couple of times

Home for 6 nites - lovely park - just no wifi!

It took us over an hour to get out of the Elkhart/South Bend area yesterdaymorning! I think I said before that they need some freeways. The fastest way would actually have been to go north into Michigan a few miles & then west across Michigan to the freeway. But once we got on the highways & then onto I80 we made good time. It was another 3 state day - Indiana, Illinois & Iowa (barely). And the scenery didn't change much - lots of corn & soybean fields all the way. We stopped just across the Mississippi River into Iowa at Scott County Park in Eldridge, IA. It's a beautiful park with full hookup sites & we could have happily spent several days there.

As soon as we were set up, we drove 10 miles or so back to LeClaire, IA. Does the name ring a bell? We were headed for Antique Archaeology - ding, ding? Yep- American Pickers antique shop. They had lots of antiques on display that we'd seen them pick on the show - the clown shoes that turned out not to have belonged to a famous clown, old old bikes, engines, bicycles, motorcycle jackets, etc. Not too many of the antiques were for sale but they did have t-shirts, hats, etc. for sale. Ha! It was fun to see & there were a lot of people there looking.

LeClaire turned out to be a really neat little town right on the Mississippi River. We asked an employee at Antique Archaeology (no - didn't see Danielle) about good places to eat & when she mentioned a German bar & grill right on the river we knew where we'd go. David was hungry for a burger & she said they had great burgers. Judi went for the German sausages with sauerkraut & spaetzel. We were both happy with our meals. We were back to the park in plenty of time to take Callie for a nice walk around in the evening & to enjoy the beautiful weather & the park.

This morning we continued west on I80. In addition to seeing nice farms & fields of corn & soybeans, we saw big pieces of farm machinery being hauled down I80 from the John Deere factory in Moline, IL, trailers being transported from factories in Elkhart, & we passed the World's Largest Truck Stop & the Iowa Speedway (think Nascar).

We got to Springbrook State Park about 2:30. Judi camped here with her family when she was a child - not that the campground looked the same or she would remember after 60 years! We have very limited wifi here - in fact, we pretty much have to walk up to the top of the dam to get 1 bar - but were able to let Judi's cousin Candi know we were here & invite her out to visit. We spent a couple of hours catching up this evening.

This is being posted from McDonald's 30 miles from Springbrook - closest wifi. Don't expect to post again until next week in South Dakota - hoping for better wifi there. More later...

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