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The forecast for today was not good. A cold front was coming through bringing thunderstorms and strong winds. The Endymion Parade was on our agenda for this evening. This krewe is noted for especially large and innovative floats. Last night they decided to postpone their parade until Sunday night. This is a massive rescheduling task since many of the marching bands are from out of town and some of the people involved have other commitments. While we are already seeing three small parades Sunday afternoon and another mega krewe Sunday night, adding Endymion's parade at the end could find us coming back to the campground at 2am. Well, we might be bleary eyed on Monday, but we all agreed that we are here to see parades and we'll do our best to see as much as possible.

That left us with nothing but rain on the agenda today, so we headed to the free pedestrian ferry to visit the Riverwalk down town. The GPS routing to the ferry terminal took us through a neighborhood about to hold a parade. It looked like a tail gating event with grills spewing smoke and good smells. People were playing giant boom boxes and line dancing. We debated whether to stop, but no one there looked anything like us so we proceeded with the ferry plan.

The Riverwalk is as its name implies is along the river and is an enclosed mall, featuring many local eateries and stores as well as the sort of money spending opportunities you could find at any American mall. Shortly after we arrived, the sky broke open and it poured with thunder and lightening, but we were already safely inside. The rain was more like a drizzle when we left and we were glad that we chose to spend the day under roof. As we drove back from the ferry terminal, there was detritus from the neighborhood parade strewn everywhere and revelers were smashed together on porches trying to continue the party.

And then we returned to the campground. The first thing we noticed was a truck camper which had fallen over on its side. The running water was not running and when we found out why we found out that our meeting tent had fallen over and blown down the street dragging the concrete weights which were supposed to hold it down along the pavement. As they dragged along they knocked out a water spigot which caused a geyeser and tore off the side mirror of the rig parked next to it. A few sites down we saw a motor home whose owner had forgotten to put in the awning which runs most of the way along the rig. It had been stripped off like a banana peel and only the support arms remained. That'll be a cool $1000+ to replace.

The storm seems to have passed and we will spend the night thanking our lucky stars that we did not sustain any damage and resting up for the 14 hour parade marathon tomorrow.

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