Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Our campsite at Quakertown

Nate is here every summer.

Neat rocks for kids...and climb on.

I'm sure we've all heard this saying.

Reflections on a very still pond at the campground.


The sun also rises ... over the peaceful, still pond

And then it fell into the pond!

Nick & Karen Nagurny and Penny & Bob

They moved and hid the Liberty Bell so the British wouldn't get...

A replica of the Liberty Bell

Found while geocaching...painted on a long rock.

9:15 a.m. was “take off” time this morning for our short trip up Route 15 to I-78 to the turnpike and finally to Quakertown, PA. As we neared the Harrisburg, we realized we had absolutely no cash for the tolls on the turnpike so we stopped at one of the truck stops for some cash. Spent about 30 minutes there, weighing the truck and trailer. It looks like we’re still under our weight limits but I’ll have to check to make sure.

Pulled into the Homestead Family Campground at 12:45 after driving 140 miles. Boy, you don’t realize how bad the PA roads are until you go out of state and travel other roads! And to think we used to drive these roads every day and thought they were fine. How little we knew.

Have a really nice site here this year (this is our 3rd year here). My window looks across a small expanse of newly mowed grass (which we do track into the RV!) into the woods. Nellie LOVES it here! So many trees and boulders to climb; so many little hoppy toads and crickets to chase. And she absolutely loves lying on top of the picnic table, surveying “her” domain.

I went out this evening and watched the Space Station fly over. We watched it fly over my brother’s in Ohio a couple of years ago and now I’ve seen it fly over Pennsylvania. Pretty neat.


Today was “Dodge Check-Up Day” so off it went to the garage up on the mountain that used to take care of it when I lived at the farm. While they were changing the transmission filter and fluids, they found a small spring in the transmission pan so off I go tomorrow to the transmission guy to see what that might belong to.

Visited at the Kidder Township office for awhile then caught a geocache at WaWa. After that, over to Blue Ridge offices to see Craig, a gentleman I worked with often during my township duties as zoning officer. Then, on for a couple of other geocaches and finally on the turnpike on my way home.


So it was off to the transmission shop today where they determined the spring was released because its retainer thingy broke. So, while they were in there anyway, they replaced some sensors and solenoids, checked the rest of it out and sent me on my way about 3 hours later.

Down to Bob’s daughter’s for dinner this evening. Home before dark which was good ‘cause my eyes just don’t do well driving in the dark…plus it was raining a bit which did add to the “seeing” difficulty.

Bob was walking around the campground the other day and as he walked along a hill, he slipped on the wet grass/mud and fell, hurting his shoulder. Off to the Urgent Care center where they gave him some pain pills and said to check it in about 10 days.

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