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Mountain Home, ID - Mountain Home AFB FamCamp - site 16

Mountain Home, ID - Mountain Home AFB FamCamp - site 16, another...

Twin Falls to Mountain Home, ID 0 - our route - 104...

Twin Falls to Mountain Home, ID 1 - You can see that...

Twin Falls to Mountain Home, ID 2 - more farms

Twin Falls to Mountain Home, ID 3 - as we are getting...

Silver City Trip 0 - our route - 168 miles

Silver City Trip 1 - We are headed up into those mountains

Silver City Trip 2 - We are getting closer

Silver City Trip 3

Silver City Trip 4 - We are now on gravel and headed...

Silver City Trip 5 - Getting close to the top

Silver City Trip 6

Silver City Trip 7 - the homes and buildings of Silver City

Silver City Trip 8

Silver City Trip 9

Silver City Trip 10

Silver City Trip 11 - some in good shape

Silver City Trip 12 - some not so good

Silver City Trip 13

Silver City Trip 14

Silver City Trip 15 - the cemetery

Silver City Trip 16 - the hotel which still is open on...

Silver City Trip 17 - the telegraph cage portion of the lobby

Silver City Trip 18

Silver City Trip 19 - the old safe and telephone in the...

Silver City Trip 20 - the sign outside the entrance to the...

Silver City Trip 21 one of the nicer places in Silver City

Silver City Trip 22

Silver City Trip 23 - not sure if this was the jail...

Silver City Trip 24

Silver City Trip 25 - the bench outside the only shop open...

Silver City Trip 26 - hummingbird taking advantage of Pat's free meal

Silver City Trip 27 - another one

Silver City Trip 28 - the Strike Dam Reservoir on the way...

Silver City Trip 29 - a stuffed Badger at Bruneau Sand Dunes...

Silver City Trip 30 - the Bruneau Sand Dunes

Silver City Trip 31 - the tallest sand dunes in North America...

Silver City Trip 32 - our trail down to the dunes

Silver City Trip 33 - they are starting to envelope the nearby...

Silver City Trip 34 - Doris had to feel the sand through...

Silver City Trip 35 - pretty wildflowers along the trail

The trip from Twin Falls to Mountain Home, ID was 104 miles of uneventful, almost boring, mostly interstate driving. We did manage to see a little change of scenery as we got out of the farmland in the Snake River Plain and then saw basically nothing but open range and plains. We arrived here at the Air Force Base FamCamp, found a site and made sure it could see the satellite, then put down the jacks and extended the slides only to find that we had found a site that was only 30 amp. Did I say the temps have been in the 90s since we got to Idaho? So we had to put the slides back in, raise the jacks and drive around and find a 50 AMP SITE that could see the satellite. Got it all done and registered. We are now set for three days and have 50 amp full hookup and good Verizon coverage. WiFi is available at the library but we will just use the MiFi while here.

After getting set up we journeyed back into Mountain Home which is about 12 miles from the base. We had our mail sent to us by our mailing service and we needed to pick it up. Our mailing service is St. Brendan's Isle , which is physically located in Green Cove Springs, Fl and they have really been everything we could have asked for. We subscribe to the internet option so that they scan every envelope we receive and we can look at those online and then have them open and scan the contents of any we think we need that done on. We eventually get most everything sent to us but it allows us to only get physical delivery about once a month. After getting the mail, we returned to base and went to the Base Exchange and Commissary to replenish our supplies.

Tuesday we took a trip to Silver City, ID. This is classified as a ghost town up in the mountains where silver was once mined. Today it is not so much of a ghost town as it is a summer retreat for many who have taken the old homes and now stay in them once the snow clears. They have a watchman that takes care of the area during the winter. Some of the homes are starting to get a makeover but many are still pretty run down. Apparently you need to come here during the weekend as there wasn't much open during the week except for the hotel museum and Pat's What Not Shop. We did spend an hour or so walking the streets and just enjoying the exercise and the sights.

We then came back closer to the base and visited Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park. This park contains the tallest sand dunes in North America, reaching 470 feet high. They had a couple of nice campgrounds there which we will keep in mind if we ever come back to this area.

Wednesday we stayed around the Mothership for the most part though I was able to take Libby for a bath. Boy, did she need it!!

Tomorrow, Thursday, we head for Riggins, ID which will be one of our longer trips lately at a little over 200 miles. We will stay there four nights.

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