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No idea what this pose was supposed to achieve, but their was...

Impressive scenery...

..and some more



Beginning of Milford Sound and crazy sky


See little boats for indication of scale.

The entrance to Milford Sound from the sea

Seals lazing around

Waterfall, obviously

More amazing scenery on the way back

One more mountain shot on the way back, with requisite pose

Having just caught the bus, helped by the fact that Curry was a little late herself, the next day on the bus down to Te Anau was a bit of a struggle, but helped hugely by yet more incredible scenery. I can't really say too much more about it apart from that I hope my photos can do it justice. Once we had all tucked in to an excellent pie from the local bakery, we were off to Milford Sound with the road winding through ever higher and more dramatic mountains and scenery. Eventually we are confronted by a wall of rock and ice with a small one way passage, the Homer Pass, heading through the mountain - made by pick axes and dynamite we were told.

Once on the other side of quite an eerie tunnel we got to the sound. Avoiding the plague of sandflies everywhere, we boarded one of the unfortunately touristy boats to do the 2hour sail around the fjord. The boat headed right out into the middle of the water, with huge mountains plunging down on every side, almost vertically straight into the sea. Waterfalls trickling and pouring down from many parts, ominous clouds overhead. Truly awe-inspiring.

Went out into the sea briefly, and saw some dolphins jumping along nearby. You don't have to go far out before the entrance to the Sound becomes almost completely hidden, which was why it took so long to discover it originally. Coming back in hugging the other side the boat pulls right up and under a waterfall to soak everyone standing on the bow, me included.

Its a shame that so many boats are constantly going around the Sound, but I guess in some ways seeing other boats does give you a really good idea of the scale of the place. Whatever day you go though, Milford Sound cannot fail to impress.

Journey back again through the mountains and back to Te Anau where the hostel has single rooms for everyone which is an unbelievably welcome change to the normal overpopulated dorms of every other hostel. Apart from a few noises through some paper thin walls from next door, an excellent nights sleep, sorely needed.

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