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Today we drove to Anchorage, AK. It was only 241 miles and we didn’t have to be there until 4 PM so we decided to take a side trip to Talkeetna on the way. Evelyn had been there before and wanted me to see it. The town’s main claim to fame is as the jumping off point for those that attempt to climb Denali. Most climbers use the West Buttress route. Specially equipped ski-wheel aircraft fly the climbers from Talkeetna to the Kahiltna Glacier to start the climb from about 7,200 foot altitude. From there they take 18 to 20 days [baring bad weather] to get to the South Peak summit at 20,320 feet above sea level. They essentially cover the ground twice going up and once more coming down.

We arrived in Talkeetna before the museum opened. There was a small arts and crafts market open nearby and we went there to kill time. Of course I found a framed photo of Denali that I had to have. I purchased it and ended up carrying it all over town before I could get it back to the RV. We arrived back at the museum a few minutes after the start of a ranger talk about climbing Denali. What we did her was very interesting and informative.

After the talk we walked to the NPS headquarters building and saw another movie about nature and Denali. It was beautiful and well done, but nothing new. Then we walked back to the ancient Fairview Inn which Evelyn wanted to revisit. We looked at all the old pictures on the wall and then settled at the bar for a draft beer. I had a dark ale made right next door that rivaled Guiness. Evelyn had a local pale brew which she liked. The Inn no longer serves food so we ended up next door at a tent that served reindeer dogs and buffalo brats. We chose the former and enjoyed them very much.

By this time I felt that we needed to head out in order to be sure to get through the rush hour traffic to our RV park in time. We did make it with time to spare. The closer we got to Anchorage the more “normal” it looked. The forests gave way to farm land which gave way to industry and housing. The big city looks just like most others in the lower 48.

We had our wagon-masters briefing. He went over the schedule and the next leg of our trip. Then we all car pooled to La Mex for a no-host dinner. We were given a section of the restaurant for ourselves. I was amazed at how much noise we made. Everybody had to talk about Mexican food and what they liked and didn’t like. Most of the frivolity centered around the selection of Margaritas offered. In fact, the more drinks that were consumed the louder it got. Evelyn and I had seafood chimichangas and they were very good. By the time we returned to the RV we were ready for bed.

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