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First glimpse of Vic Falls

Vic Falls 2

Sara's getting ready to be soaked on the bridge

Group shot at Vic Falls

We leave Botswana behind today and head to the last country on this leg of our tour.

To sum up Botswana, it's been very lush and green, the wildlife experience has been great as we have not been able to get so close to the animals until yesterday's game drive in the smaller trucks. Things are slightly more expensive here than in Namibia. The Okavango delta experience is unforgettable. Now that we have seen it when the water level is low, it would be neat to see it when the water levels are much higher.

We arrived in Zambia this afternoon and headed straight to Victoria Falls. It was fantastic! As we are in the rainy season, the volume of water going over the falls was incredible. The paths on the edge of the falls take you across two bridges, where you cross over the gorge. On one of the bridges, we all got completely soaked to the bone from the spray of the falls. It was great!!!!!! As it was a hot day out, it was quite refreshing!!! We took a couple of videos so you can hear and watch the falls --photos alone won't do it justice!

From the Zambia side, you can only see one third of Victoria Falls. A trip over to Zimbabwe might be in order... we shall see. We'll have to arrange our own visas to get there as the tour operator does not go into Zim.

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