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Boy, these coastal areas sure have a lot of marshes

This little town had a "commercial airport", here's the plane

One of the little towns in SW GA

Little rolling hills and lots of forests

These stores are as common in the South as a drug store

Georgia has logging, as did central Florida

River near Bainbridge GA

Pretty southern home complete with columns

Farm with gourd birdhouses on poles (the white spots)

More cornfields

Fresh tilled farmland - very red soil

Look out for the farm equipment

Relic from the past

Oh yeah, more signs for Hurricane Evac Routes

Could use some paint but still pretty

More and more cornfields

Inbetween the forests we see the rolling hilsl

The red clay of Georgia

Even the creeks are red

lovely blooming trees

Our campsite in Florence Marina State Park

Cheryl, "cousin" Leena and her Mom

Pretty lizard with a brilliant blue tail

This one's tail was not so bright but his head was flaming...

Turkey Vulture on the roof of the comfort station

Wooden swing by the reservoir

This is the Walter F George reservoir on the Chattahoochee River that...

Looking north on the reservoir

Our GA State Park campground with FULL hookups for $21.50 a night...

Spanish Moss was hinging from everything

More Turkey Vultures

Gathering of the Vultures on the swing

. . . and in the trees (about 18 in this photo)

Another view of the campground

Southern hospitality, rockers on the porch

Omaha, GA in the Florence Marina State Park

We found a GA state park in SW Georgia that was about 26 miles from Cheryl’s distant cousin and it turned out to be a gem. On the way from Tallahassee, FL to Omaha, GA (along the Chattahoochee River at Walter F. George Reservoir) we saw lots of farms, cornfields, red dirt and waterways. Several homes or farms had birdhouses made from gourds clustered on tall poles.

It is still icky sticky hot and humid and this state park had full hook ups including 50amp electric, water, sewer and cable. There was definately no DirecTv down in among all these tall pines and oaks dripping with Spanish Moss.

The campground was full of vultures, black headed turkey variety, and they were on the buildings, on the grass and in the trees. There were several dozens of them, but they were shy of people and flew away as we approached. We also saw a couple of colorful lizards climbing the tree just outside our dining window.

Traveling in the South, we have seen rocking chairs on the porches of old small homes and even on big expensive homes. Not to be outdone, the campground office had 4 rocking chairs out front. Unfortunately for the heat and humidity (95 with a heat index making it about 105), no one sat outside and rocked.

After setting up and cooling off for a while, we went to visit Cheryl’s distant cousin Leena and her mother. It was nice to finally meet her after all our emailing and her help with my ancestors information.

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