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duck friends

When we checked in at this campground, the clerk said that she had selected our site with a space next to it for our friends that would be checking in later. I said a bit too firmly, "We have no friends." She gave me a startled look. What I meant to say was that we were't expecting anyone we knew. Then Ken checked his email and discovered that we have been tracked down by another couple who listens to our podcast RV Navigator and was going to be in the area. This is always somewhat disconcerting when we meet people who know a lot about us, when we feel like we don't know them at all, but they do own a motorhome almost identical to ours, so that's an area of commonality right off the bat. And it's very gratifying to know that people enjoy our podcast enough to make the effort to meet us in person.

It would be nice to have friends and/or family that we could share this lifestyle with on a more regular basis. Many times we have been on cruises and watched large groups using this fun opportunity to unite family members from across the country or sometimes from around the world. Our family is very small and getting smaller, but it would have been so nice to cruise together if only they were interested. Cruises offer something for everyone and people don't have to stay "joined at the hip" all day. That's why so many families choose them for reunions.

Although a few friends from home camp, we have only been able to intersect and meet up with them on a very occasional basis. Many of our neighbors don't like to camp at all. Some campers we know cross the country dropping in on friends and family who have stick homes. Perhaps we have been looking for fellow travelers in the wrong places. Or maybe gypsies like us who want to go their own way when and where they wish and traveling in tandem with someone will never happen.

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