Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

My chiropractor and his wife are celebrating their wedding anniversary in Italy so his son did my back therapy this morning. Because I’ve been having frequent episodes of leg cramps, he suggested that I take Cataplex F three times a day. It is a dietary supplement that is supposed to help my body use the vitamins and minerals that I take. I hope this will help. I’m tired of having to get up during the night to work out the cramps!

In my mail today there was another token of appreciation from Escapees RV Club for my latest photo submitted and accepted for publication in the November/December issue of Escapees magazine. It is a Toppers deluxe fanny pack with three zippered pockets and the Escapees logo on the front. Someday I hope to have a photo worthy of the magazine cover, for which I’d receive $$$.

This morning I had to cancel my MasterCard because my current one expired in October and I have not received a new one. I’ll have a different account number with my next card. That means that I now have to contact all the merchants and charities that received automatic payments via this card to tell them not to use that number again. Grrr! What a pain.

Last night a cold front blew in and we got about a third of an inch of rain. We didn’t have any rain during October at all.

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