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Walkway to Le Pays De La Sagouine

Le Pays De La Sagouine

Fortune Teller at Le Pays De La Sagouine

Campsite at Century Farms

Our beach at Century Farms

Caves at high tide just down the beach from us

Well we finally have internet again. Just to give you an update of what we have been doing. We drove down to Bouctouche on Canada Day to see Le Pays De La Sagouine we thought it was a little village on an small little island that had entertainment and we could celebrate Canada Day there. It was one of the few days that we had rain off and on but it was still very cold. It ended up the village is an Acadien village where they are wanting to teach the young people about their heritage so as you can imagine everything is in French. They had a great play, fantastic music but all in french which of course we don't understand. We did have an interpeter for a little while that explaine a bit of what was going on so that helped.

You walk across a nice footbridge that takes you to l’Île-aux-Puces. You can then visit La T’chuisine des Mathilda, where you learn to cook a variety of Acadian meals (we tried some of the food and sorry but not to our taste). A visit at the house of La Sagouine is essential as is a visit to the house of La Sainte where you’ll meet Les Chicaneuses who have many tales to tell (that is if you know french). Continuing on, La Boucanerie will make you discover a variety of fishing trades and you can even taste smoked herring. Make your way to the Phare à Gapi, a place full of legends! Music lovers can learn to play a variety of instruments in La cabane des T’chuillères. I do want to say that once they were finished speaking in french when you walked around if they knew you didn't speak french they would try and explain as much as possible to you in English. We really did enjoy it there but know if we had known at least a little french we would of enjoyed it even more.

We then left there and heard they were having a Canada Day celebration over at the community center but again we got there and everything was in French. I didn't realize that in New Brunswick there were so many French speaking towns. I guess I really don't event know my own country that well.

Anyways that next day we pulled out of Miramichi everything was soaking wet but that day July 2 was a really nice day it was just overcast no rain. We had about a 3 1/2 hr drive down to St. Martins which was an uneventful drive not much to see but a few rolling meadows.

We arrived at our campground Century Farm Family Campground and we were thrilled. The campground is located right on the Bay of Fundy. Our spot looks right out onto the Bay and it all grassed and the owners are fantastic. When you arrive they escort you to your spot which are all pull-throughs yippee!! They make sure you all set up and they even come back and check on you a little while later to see if you need anything.

The history behind the campground is interesting too. It is located on the original grant of land issued to Mathias Moran in 1783. The property has been in the Moran Family since that time.

The property consists of 100 acres of forest land and 25 acres of agriculture land. The homestead was built in 1850 by James Moran who hired many of the carpenters that worked at the ship building trade. The ceilings were painted by artist from Italy brought over on the sailing ships that were built in the shipyards located near the beach adjacent the campground. Over 500 sailing ships were built in this area in the 1800's. Every evening they have a group of people that are seasonals here get together in the recreation hall and they gather all their instruments and sit around and take turns singing and playing their instruments it was really great. We went tonight and just really enjoyed the music.

July 2nd was gorgeous all day but today we woke up to thunder, lightening and a downpour plus we were completely surrounded by fog. As the morning worn on the fog lifted and we had a very overcast day quite cold. We decided to drive into Saint John which is about 45 minutes from here. We went to the Downtown market and picked up some meat and Brian surprised me by buying me a pair of earrings and necklace that will go with the dress I got for Gary's wedding. We found Saint John very hard to find our way around and we got frustrated and decided seeing at the weather looked like it was going to get a bit better we heading back to the campground and walked all along the beach. We caught the caves that are just up from us at high tide but missed them at low tide will try and get pictures of that tomorrow.

We are just going to hang around tomorrow because it's suppose to rain and be quite a storm. But Sunday & Monday are suppose to be half decent so we are going to go Sunday to the Fundy Trail and Monday to Hopewell Rock. Well that is all for now stay in touch.

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