Lexi and Hiro's Round The World Journey 2008-2009 travel blog

at hiro's grand parents' grave, saying hero I'm home

Japanese graveyard

Long queue to get a table at famous sushi shop, japanese are...

it was worth waiting at the end

our new home for 6 months, we sit on the floor

New year praying at Shrine, just after midnight

bonfire burning amulets from last year, thank god it's warm

delicious New Year food "OSECHI"

Japanese loves dogs, see them everywhere

Meiji Shrine with Heidi and Jorg

Well we have finally arrived in Japan where we will spend the next 6 months. It has been great to stop living out of a back-pack for a while but it won’t be too long till we are off again to Europe and USA.

The first week in Tokyo we have just spent with family and friends and organising things for our apartment in Shibuya. Shibuya is a busy place with a big train station, many department stores and lots of restaurants. It has got real atmosphere of living in the city which is quite the opposite of the life we had in Port Douglas.

In Japan Christmas is to spend the time with your boy/girlfriend or partner, and then they spend the time with their families on New Year’s time. We followed Japanese tradition on New Year’s Eve and had a Soba Noodles (wishing good luck for coming year). Then just after 12 we went to the shrine which is only 100 metres from their house. At the shrine we said a special prayer for the year and rang the bell and threw money into the box. We had a little sake after that and caught the train back home. It was quite cold but they had big fire at shrine burning amulets from last year, and it kept us warm. It was such a great experience to be there just after midnight of New Year’s Day, it had sacred-like atmosphere.

Japanese enjoy heaps different types of traditional food called “Osechi”. They are all delicious and so colourful. Hiro’s mum spent hours and hours preparing this special dish for New Year. There are mainly seafood such as prawn, fish ball, salmon roe, abalone, but also many vegetables cooked in different ways.

Talking about food, Hiro’s mum fed us really well since we got to Japan, so far she cooked us Sukiyaki, Syabusyabu (hot pot dishes to cook beef ,pork and vegies), noodles and heaps other dishes. Hiro’s dad also took us to famous sushi restaurant which we had to be in a long queue for 45mins even though we arrived at the restaurant 30mins before open time...). He also took us to Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ restaurant) where you have your own charcoal grill on the table and cook meat yourself. They were so yummy... and Asahi tasted good with Japanese food!!

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