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Prairie City, Oregon

Horses every couple miles

Camp site on lake NFS

Good Morning Blue Mountains









Wagons used during the May 30 re-enactment

Another re-enactment wagon plus look at the landscape!!


Are you wondering if I need a thesaurus? There aren't enough adjectives to describe the geographical beauty of the US. Most of us become complacent with our surroundings. We are fortunate to see someone else's neck of the woods through rose colored glasses. Yet again, we have passed through more beautiful country side. As we headed east on I-84, the elevation took us to the top of those gorge cliffs known as the Columbia Plateau. Farmland with rich appearing wheat fields and livestock. This then turns into great expanses filled with sagebrush , evergreens in the Blue and Wallowa mountain ranges. The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City, Or held our attention for hours. The BLM has historically and visually re-created life as it was for them. The center has taxidermy animals, museum quality wax humans, artifacts, and reproduction items. I-84 closely follows the route of the Oregon Trail through this state. Very interesting to see are the actual wheel ruts. The state of Oregon has kept multiple wagon rut sites well preserved. If you recall, we have been to three separate Oregon Trail preservation sites in other states. History becomes alive here. After being at the center, we are curious who among us,including ourselves, would have the perseverance to endure difficulties. It was easier to walk along the wagon because of the roughness of the ride. There were many stories of ill tempers, etc. Often we joke I need to run along side the truck! Guess that rules me out as a pioneer prospect!! Three new friends live in Idaho when they are not in Quartzite, Az. We are looking forward to visiting with Broken Paw and Crazy Lady(you know who you are)! Tomorrow AM the Idaho border will welcoming us.

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