Paul's Travels - 25th Nov 2004 to 14th March 2005 travel blog

Ali prepares for a hard days hiking on the bench in the...

Me and a Glacier.

The Terminal Face. (The front bit!)

On top of a Glacier! Raaa!

Lookin up the Gorge over the top of the Glacier.

Thank god for cramp-on's!

...Cramp-ons! (Incase you were wondering)

..This is what happens when you take wee on the ice!

FLIPPIN hard going, your hands, wrists and forearms KILL!

YEE HA! 25 meters of vertical ice conquered and I didn't slip...

Myyyyyy god - How KNACKERING was this? Did the full day half hike with Ice Climb - UGH!

Donned cramp-ons and helmet etc and made our way up the glacier until we got to some decent ice walls and put on even crampier cramp-ons and all took turns to drag ourselves up these vertical ice walls. MAN, it was sooo hard - looks easy but the strain on your wrists and forearms was unbelieveable - not to mention cacking yourself from the height and fear of falling to your doom!

Wickid day, finished off with a session in the pub!! ;o)

See ya!

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