Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

Downtown Sedona

Sedona's red rocks

Route 66

Havasupai Falls

Scary climb down to Mooney Falls

Mooney Falls

Erica and I at Havasupai Falls

First views of the Canyon - South Rim, Mathers Point

Grand Canyon, Arizona, from the South Rim

View from Hermit Drive, South Rim

Close to the edge

Bright Angel Trail - I climbed that twice!

Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona - Route 66

Teepee Motel, Route 66

Petrified wood - solid stone

Desert lizard on petrified wood

Blue Mesa, Petrified Forest

Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelley

Canyon de Chelley

Erica looking good, Canyon de Chelley

Monument Valley

Ampitheatre, Bryce Canyon

Yours truly in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

View from Observation Pont, Zion Canyon

Zion Canyon

Erica in The Narrows, Zion Canyon

Kolob Canyon

New York, New York, Las Vegas

Harley Davidson cafe, Las Vegas

Early evening, Oak Creek, Sedona

Tucson 24hr Diner

Tombstone - "The Town Too Tough To Die"

Tombstone stagecoach

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Havasupai Falls

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Eastern Grand Canyon

(AVI - 13.11 MB)

Ampitheatre, Bryce Canyon

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Bryce Canyon

(AVI - 5.57 MB)

'Tom Jones' in the Imperial Palace Casino/Hotel

There's two bits to this entry, the pictures are the 'best of' and the writing is about the day. As with the other 'best ofs', this isn't necessarily the best stuff, more pictures that I particularly like. Again, the Grand Canyon was very difficult to photograph, both to get the colour and the sheer scale. So here are some of my favourite pictures of the second part of the trip, when Erica and I were here together.

Well, here I am in the pretty Victorian town of Prescott, Arizona, another ex-centre of cowboy hell-raising and general mischief, though much calmed down now. I am alone again, having just dropped Erica at Phoenix Sky Harbour to fly back to Blighty. It feels strange being alone again, and I miss her.

After another breakfast in the atmospheric diner we ferquent we spent our last morning shopping, or at least Erica did while I trailed around after her in a blokey fashion, though without the complaining.

Shopping finished, I was driving up the Interstate to Phoenix from Tucson, and I had just said to Erica how I always get pulled when I am driving in foreign countries. I got a (hefty) speeding fine in Iceland, but more usually I break some obscure local rule while trying to drive and read a map at the same time. We hadn't even finished talking about this before the Highway Patrol were flashing behind me. How spooky is that! It turns out that there is an Arizona law that if an Emergency Vehicle is pulled up on the hard shoulder, you must move out to at least the middle lane if possible. How was I meant to know that?! Anyway, I got off with a written warning, which is a nice memento. I wanted Erica to take pictures of my interrogation, but she wouldn't.

I parted from Erica at the airport, got caught up in the Phoenix rush hour on my way North (I can't use the Car Pool Lane any more now she has gone!) and I have broken my journey to Sedona/Flagstaff at the cute and historic small town of Prescott. I am in the historic (i.e. over 50 years old) Hotel St. Michael, and my room has the creakiest floorboards and bed on earth, I swear.

But this town is fun. I had a fish and chip dinner, with sweet potato french fries, the best chips in the world. Then I spent the rest of the evening in Matt's Saloon on Whisky Row. If you've seen the excellent film Walk the Line about Johnny Cash, you'll remember that in the early rock 'n' roll days the bands would tour all over the West. There's photos all around Matt's Saloon of just those days, and old country acts, all having a high and wild old time by the look of it. It was karaoke night at Matt's, and amongst music I could recognise - such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash and Shania Twain - were such country classics as "A woman loves her cowboy like he loves his rodeo" and "If you're gonna play in Texas (make sure there's a fiddle in your band}". I met a lot of drunk and friendly people, and it sure was a lot of fun for a Monday night.

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