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Woody Point

Gros Morne Park near Trout River

Gros Morne Park near Trout River

Trout River

Trout River

Trout River

Trout River

Ominous clouds above Rocky Harbour

First on the adgenda this morning was to arrange for the sprockets. The shop in Corner Brook had just closed when arrived yesterday. I talk to a sales fellow in the parking lot who gave me a card and suggested I call back in the morning. They should have no trouble helping me out.

I have used aftermarket sprockets in the past so decided to start by calling the motorcycle shop in Corner Brook first to see if they could source some for me. I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed with the girl I spoke to. Firstly, she had no trouble looking up the parts and checking for availability even though they rarely see a BMW. She was then able to order them and have them shipped by air at a very reasonable price. I also decided to have her bring in a rear tire. The whole thing took less thant 15 minutes including a nice chat about what to see in Newfoundland and the parts should be in with-in a couple of days. I would highly recommend Scott's Motorsports in Corner Brook to anyone looking for help with their bike on the west coast of Newfoundland.

After a leisurely breakfast we left Deer Lake and headed to Gros Morne National Park, which everyone we talk to say's is a must see.

There are two main roads into the park. The southern road runs from Wiltondale through Woody Point and ends at Trout River with several small fishing communities along the way. The other road runs from Wiltondale to Rocky Harbour, through the park and on to Labrador so we explored the Trout River road first.

From Wiltondale to Woody Point the terrain and scenery are reminicent of the coast of BC with steep wooded mountains that run down to the ocean shore. Woody point itself is a charming little fishing town. From Woody Point to Trout River the terrain quickly changes as you climb over a mountain range that is treeless and a light reddist shade that looks an awful lot like the nevada desert to me and quite striking.

Trout River is another very charming little fishing town. We toured the town and harbour then stopped at a fairly plain looking little cafe in and old building on the waterfront. It turns out the Seaside Cafe is is a very well know resturant world wide. The first thing we say was a picture of David Suzuki with the staff taken in June of this year. The building started out as a fishermans shed that belonged to the owners father. They had started with a small takeout window at one end of the shed. Now people come from all over the world just to eat here. Another pleasant surprise at the end of the road.

We headed back through Woody Point to Wiltondale then turned north towards Rocky Harbour. The terrain was once again steep wooded mointains dropping to the sea.

All along the way today we have seen vacancy signs so we figured it should be the same at Rocky Harbour. Apparently Rocky Harbour is "the place to be" in Gros Morne as there were no vacany signs everywhere. We were just about to head further north when we turned up a street and found a little resturant with cabins. They had an opening and it was very reasonable. Just as we checked in a large black cloud drifted over us and the sky looked pretty scary to the north. I think we would have been pretty wet if we had carried on north.It everywhere we looked. Lucky once again.

The couple running the resturant/motel were extremely warm and friendly. In no time at all it seemed were were right at home, especially after having a home cooked meal in the little resturant.

After supper went down to the pub where a local Newfoundland band was playing. They were fantastic. The music was great as were the stories and jokes. The energy of these guys was amazing. They started at 9:30 PM and still had not taken a break when we left about 12:30.

It had been raining most of the evening and looked like it would settle in so we decided to stay put tomorrow and just chill out here in Rocky Harbour.

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