Anthony and Erica on the road to Mandalay 2006 travel blog

Me in Ha Long Bay a few weeks ago - feels like...

Looks weird without at least one picture, so here's the one of me at Ha Long Bay in Northern Vietnam again.

Woah, bit of a hangover today. Louise and Greg and I wanted to celebrate our last night together so we had a bit of a session. Funny how travelling intensifies relationships, I've probably not spent more than 20 hours with them, but feel very fond of them both. So we had a meal, and then a fair amount of drinking and loud music. Unfortunately they had a bit of a domestic. I could see how this happened, a lot to do with all the tequila we were drinking, but felt sorry for them, as they both have big hearts. Anyway, hangover or not, I fly to Bangkok in a few hours on the first leg of my way home. Boo hoo!

Kaoh San Road, Bangkok: The traveller's ghetto of traveller's ghettoes. Love it. Its evening, and I am just beginning to feel OK again, having been hanging most of the day. Done a last bit of shopping, a lot of slow wandering around, checking out more of the streets off and around Kaoh San, and soon go out for the evening, though as I have a taxi at 5 am it won't be either a late night or a heavy one. And tomorrow it will all be over again, and back to earth withn the usual terrible bump I fear. Bummer!

Much later: A loud bar with internet access! Here I am in Gullivers, on the beginning of Kaoh San, nearly midnight, and people are dancing on the pool tables. My kind of place! I spent my last night here last time, and it was quite a night, ending up in me being pickpocketed by a ladyboy outside here about 4 in the morning. Which is about the time I need to get up to get to the airport. Talking of ladyboys, there are loads more than I remember, not prostitutes, just working in bars and hotels, out on the town, etc, like regular folk, kind of how it should be, and without an equal opportunities policy in sight. The other change I notice here, is a lot more Thais out round Kaoh San, and bars and clubs that are almost all Thai. Just now I saw a bar jammed with young Thais rocking to quite a credible Thai rock band. I guess a foreigners area can become a focus for locals who want something different.

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