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Our site at Paradise Lake RV resort

Just outside our door

Marilyn likes to take these pictures

Another good picture

Outside our door

Other RV's at the lake

Sunset on a good day


We were awake very early, anxious to get started and to get that "On the road again" feeling. I did the journal entry and we had our morning coffee. It was still dark outside so we relaxed over coffee, waiting for it to get light enough to get things done outdoors.

Before long we had everything ready and were hitched up to the truck. That's when we began to have problems.

When I raised the front hydraulic jacks, the rear jacks came back down. I had seen this problem once when the RV was brand new, and they replaced a relay to fix it. I patiently raised the rear jacks back to the stow position and checked all around the RV.

We pulled forward about 10 feet, stopped, and did one last walk around to make sure all was ok. Then, as we started down the steep hill, I heard something dragging and looked in the mirror. One of the front jacks was down enough to rub on the ground. I stopped the truck on the hill, had Marilyn hold the brake, and went back to raise the front jacks again. I then checked the rear jacks once again and they were all ok. Shaking my head as I pondered the question was it the RV or was it me?

Once back in the truck, I took over for Marilyn and started down the hill again. Loud squeal! The brakes are locked! I tried several times to get the electric, hydraulic disc brakes on the RV to release and continued to have the same problem. I could feel the frustration setting in and it was beginning to spoil the beginning of a beautiful day.

I suddenly had the thought of checking the brake on the truck. Sure enough, I had set the emergency brake when we were stopped on the hill, so I could get out and raise the jacks.

Once I released the emergency brake, all was well again. The brake problem was definitely me!

I usually end my journal entries with the phrase "I can't wait to see what this day brings..." Well, I was not happy with the adventures of this day so far.

We had no more misadventures however, and all was well as we traveled down the highway.

We made good time and arrived at Paradise Lake RV Resort in Nacogdoches, Texas, right at 1:30 PM. It was still early and we could easily have driven longer this day, but we like to stop early each travel day, and have time to relax and enjoy the place we are staying. We were soon parked beside a beautiful lake and Marilyn was out taking pictures before I even had the outside set up.

Later we sat in our lounge chairs sipping a glass of wine, while watching the antics of the ducks and geese and turtles and anhinga and various assorted creatures, including a peacock which strutted past our RV later in the afternoon.

Unfortunately they have no wi-fi here although they have a new router on the way.

This journal is being written in "word" and will get to you as soon as we reach a place which has wi-fi. I will also add pictures for you.

All in all, it was a very good day once I got over my "stupid attack".

We look forward to reaching Victoria, Texas tomorrow and will be in Llano Grande all set up by Thursday evening.

We will be back on the road again in the morning. I just can't wait to see what is around the bend.....

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