Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Fox Glacier

Helen at Fox Glacier

Us at Fox Glacier

Us at Fox Glacier again

Fox Glacier cave

Low clouds means no flight!

Had a coffee in a nice little cafe to perk us up for the morning before again stuggling to find anywhere to stay at Fox. Eventually a caravan/motor holiday park had little cabins availible which gave us the chance to dry our tent and sleeping bags out from the previous nights downpour.

Took a walk to the face of the Fox glacier but could not right up to it as you needed a guide to take you beyond the ropes, we saw this for the tourist scam it was and just zoomed the camera in for good photos.

Heard and saw rocks falling from the mountain sides around the glacier, and could see them precariously positioned on top of the glacier which gives it that dirty grey look at the terminal face.

In 1872 the glacier was at the car park which was approx. 1 km walk from where it is now, although it has receded the past 100 years it is now back on the move forward again.

Rained all that night which put a damper on our walk to Lake Matheson to see Mt. Cook reflected in the waters.

Woke up the following morning to get ready for our heli-hike onto the upper reaches of the glacier to see the pristine parts of it.

We got to the point of having our boots on and being sat waiting for the chopper when the pilot pulled the plug on the trip due to low cloud making it dangerous to fly in (see picture). We could have waited until the 1.15 pm flight to the glacier but it might not have cleared by then and we couldn't afford the time so unfortunately we got a refund and moved on out of Fox and on to Wanaka via the Hasst pass. Probably a good job anyway as Paul was dissapointed that lunch wasn't included in the 2 hour walk of the hike. He'd have wasted away on the glacier if he didn't have lunch after having breakfast, second breakfast and elevensies!

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