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We were sitting here watching the election coverage, when NBC announced that Obama has been re-elected to become our 44th President. Whether that makes you happy, or not it is time for this country to work together to get people to work, to decrease the deficit and to keep us from another war. We wish the President well, and God Bless the United States for the freedom of electing our representatives.

John received news this morning that his older brother, Tom's cancer has now spread to his brain. He is in the hospital,with very little chance of making it through the week. It has been a very sad day for us and we stayed in all day.

Our wonderful neighbors, Cass & Jim had us to dinner with another traveler by the name of Mike. She made a wonderful Thai meal. They are leaving tomorrow, and that makes us sad. But, we will try to meet up somewhere along the road in the upcoming months.

I must say I am glad the elections are over, as the constant ads were driving everyone crazy. Now we can get back to Viagra ads, the bear using toilet paper and an unbelievable amount of automobile ads.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, may your health be good, may your mind be filled with positive thoughts and may you know how very special each and every one of you are.

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