We saw the awesome Duttons Christmas show today...


This is a very talented family...voted the BEST in Branson...

Lots of comedy too....:-)

Loved the second half Christmas show...




Santa too...:-)


One of their daughter-in-laws is from Hawaii...they sang a nice Christmas song...

Frosty too...:-)

The show ended with a huge salute to our Veterans....loved it!

Our next stop, we loved the hot tossed rolls..:)

Cool and unusual decor...

Last one!

We had another great day in Branson. We saw the awesome Dutton Christmas show. After the show we went to Fall Creek Steakhouse for great steaks and loved the tossed rolls. They keep them coming the whole time you are there. :-) This was our second time seeing The Duttons, we loved both shows. I am adding a paste of information below about their show.

Mom and Dad Dutton never anticipated a career in the entertainment industry. Dean was a tenured professor of economics for 26 years, thoroughly enjoying the research and teaching aspects of academia. Sheila was an elementary school teacher who thought of music as her true weakness, never imagining herself as a musician. Today, Dean plays rhythm guitar as well as singing bass and having an occasional solo song in the show. Sheila plays acoustic and electric bass, provides narrative during the shows, and assists with productions and rehearsals. They also manage the business of the business with Sheila serving as CEO and Dean as CFO of the Dutton enterprises.

Their seven natural children showed early signs of natural musical talent. Mom and Dad began hauling them to performances that eventually took them around the world and into a full-fledged career of entertainment for the entire family, blending their message of love and family with song, dance, and music.

We all enjoyed the show and highly recommend it to our readers. Check back later for more from Branson.

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