we arrived and parked in space #2, the ....

last space they had left.

next day we were visited by the local

horse herd of about 6, on their way to get some water.

The old Virginia & Truckee railroad is running again.

Dave caught it while going up the mountain

the new tires and wheels

we hopefully won't have any tires throwing tread again.

The coach has new undercarriage parts and traveled nice to Mound House and the home of our friends the VanEmmeriks. We signed into space #2 and will be here till 20th of Oct. We're kind of house sitting since our hosts are away on their own RV trip for a month. We have some friends to see and wait for the arrival of the new tires and wheels. also while here we'll be going thru the coach to unload some weight and bulk. The coach needs to undergo a weight reduction program. We're looking at all the storage areas.

The Big O tire office on Mae Anne, Reno did a great job of researching, ordering and mounting the new Michelin tires and Alcoa Rims. they don't have any of this in stock you have to order all of them, see Erik Swanson. Here's the data:

Michelin XTA LT215/75/17.5 tires

Alcoa #6401 17.5 rims

we ordered 5 of each so we'd have a matching spare. All told about $4200 to $4400 will get you there but you won't have tire damaged coach anymore.

So if you have a big 5'r have been throwing treads from your G rated Goodyears, I recommend you check out J rated truck tires and 17.5 inch wheels.

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