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Jason Black Playing Piano - Video Showing Full Keyboard

Jason Black Playing Piano in Normal Position

Jason Black Playing Piano While Lying on His Back on the Piano...

Jason Black Playing Piano While Seated on the Floor

Jason Black Playing Piano While Seated with His Back to Piano

Tonight I went with a group of CARE residents to hear and see Jason Lyle Black play the piano in the “normal” way, as well as in some very unusual ways. For example, sometimes he would lie on his back on the piano bench or the floor and play some difficult pieces. In this position, not only does he have his back to the piano but his right hand plays the left hand’s part and vice versa – and he never missed a beat! He often used soundtracks as accompaniment. In one case, he played along with a video of his grandparents playing piano duets during their 60th wedding anniversary. In another case, he asked the audience to suggest notes, which he would build into a “Song on the Spot”. The notes suggested were C, D, E flat and G sharp/A flat. He created a beautiful concert piece built around those notes.

Jason Lyle Black, also known as "The Backwards Piano Man®", is an award-winning pianist, composer, and comedic entertainer, known for his performance on the Ellen Show in Hollywood and for his 30 million music video views worldwide. He is a full-time national touring entertainer who appears at performing arts centers all across the United States, as a guest with orchestras and choirs, and as a headline performer on luxury cruise ships around the world. He has released five albums of solo piano music. []

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