Out and About with Daisy 2019 travel blog

Emcee, Judy Burchfield, CARE Nurse

"Calypso Joe" a.k.a. Brian Brandenburg

Crystal Saulters and Kathy Metzger Dancing the Hula

Ethan Guillory Making Bubbles

Kathy Metzger, Brian Brandenburg and Crystal Saulters

CARE Facilities Director Russ Johnson and Solita Collard

Receptionist Veronica Millsap

Today several local healthcare organizations treated us to a luau. They provided drinks and snacks, as well as some games. There were several prizes: the person with a birthday this week, the person who had lived the longest in Hawaii (Pat Arthur, 24 years!), the best hula dancer and the person who bent the lowest under the limbo stick. We also had a volleyball game with huge balloons. One of the ladies in the Adult Day Care group broke one of the balloons with her fingernail!

Special entertainment included Brian Brandenburg playing his ukulele and singing several familiar songs. Crystal Saulters and Kathy Metzger danced a couple of hula dances. They were cute. Volunteer Ethan Guillory blew bubbles around the room. With his costume he looked like a Hawaiian. Several others also wore bright Hawaiian clothes.

The party was a lot of fun. The healthcare organizations do something for us every month.

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