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Town of Alma with Boats at low tide, bay of fundy

21 June

The Fundy Trail runs about 6 miles east of St. John and introduces you to the Bay of the Fundy Shore.

We drove about 110 miles stopping at the tiny fishing village of Alma, actually a lobster fishing village, where we first saw the local fish (lobster) boats sitting on the harbor bottom at low tide. This is at the eastern entrance of the Fundy National Park. We proceeded to New Brunswick’s most famous geological feature, the “Hopewell Rocks” including the “Flower Pot Rocks” where you can really experience the huge, up to about 40ft., tidal change every 12 hours. We saw the rocks tops barely sticking out of the water at high tide. Then, 6 hours later, we walked around their base at low tide. The “Flower Pots” are spectacularly eroded, by the tides, towers with trees and vegetation growing on their sides and tops.

We stayed at Ponderosa Pines camp ground at Hopewell Cape from which we made a special trip to Moncton, NB to witness the Tidal Bore when the Petitcodiac River reverses direction with a 4-6ft high wave traveling upstream. This is the result of the 160 billion tons of water flowing into the Bay of Fundy and being funneled into the river twice each day at high tide. Surfers have been known to ride this wave as much as 28 miles upstream, although we saw none during our visit. Videos of the Bore Tide in China show a much higher wave travelling upstream with fishing boats riding over or thru these waves as a twice daily regular occurance.

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