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Tufted Tit Mouse

We left a note on the door with Bill’s cell# for the propane guy, so we could go to breakfast with the group at 8am. He never shows up before 10am, so we weren’t too worried, but we did hurry back after we ate. We waited, and waited. At noon, we saw the truck driving around. He drove right passed us and kept on going! After an hour, Bill walked over to the office. The staff said he never picked up the propane request list (in the office) that we signed up on. They were going to call the company and let them know that they missed us. We never saw the truck or heard back from the company or the campground office. Customer service truly is dead, isn’t it? It was still chilly all day today, but we had a few spells of sunshine. Tonight will (hopefully) be the last night with a hard freeze. We still have about 40% of the propane tank left, which may last us until next week (if they don’t come sooner). The mobile rig washer is supposed to be here tomorrow morning, but I don’t know if it will be above freezing. We’ll see if he calls to reschedule, or just doesn’t show (maybe he’s related to the propane guy). On a brighter note: The birds have already found our feeder. Today, we saw a male and female cardinal, some chickadees and many tufted tit mouses. Once it warms back up, we should see the cedar waxwings migrate through here.

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