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Monday-After a good night's sleep we all awoke with no repercussions from yesterday's hike. The weather was not nice; it drizzled all day long so we just stayed in to just catch up on the computers and house stuff. Later in the afternoon we drove into town to check out new phones. But I didn't find anything I could not live without so we headed to the door. On an afterthought I asked about a flash drive for my phone. And I could not live without that. About dusk the rain let up enough for a campfire.

Tuesday-It poured down rain last night, then the day dawned cold and drizzly and did not warm up much all day. So, another day to stay inside. And we didn't even get a campfire. Don never did get out of his pajamas!

Wednesday-Well this is another yucky day. It drizzled most of the day and we had a high of 44. For this we went south? By noon we were going stir crazy so went into town to do a bit of shopping at Walmart and for me to get a haircut. Afterwards, Don wanted to try Zaxbys for a chicken dinner. He had illusions of pieces of fried chicken more like Kentucky fried, so he was disappointed to get chicken fingers. My boneless wings were at least pretty good. I thought we had already tried this chain before and were not impressed, but he said no. Now I am doubly sure we are not impressed! Back at camp, it finally did clear up enough for a campfire. This turned out to be the last one with Glen and Nancy, as they had decided to leave a day early to meet a friend. They had gone into town yesterday with their motorhome to refill their propane tanks and said there were several areas where the water was over the road. In fact, there was one place where a car had been washed into a ditch. They would have turned around, but could not do so with the motorhome, so decided to try driving through the water. Fortunately they made it without any problem.

Thursday-Today started just like all the rest, but cleared up and promised to be warmer than yesterday. By noon, it was looking pretty good, so we decided to drive back to the Cumberland Mountain State Park to try one of the trails. We chose a 2-mile trail by the river. It started out with lots of trees and heavy underbrush. The trail was covered with rocks, lots of roots and a heavy layer of fallen leaves. It smelled really musty; certainly not a place for anyone with a mold allergy. The trail went back on the other side of the river, after crossing another suspension bridge. This side of the river was more open, with several streams and rock outcroppings. At the end of the day we had our last campfire.

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