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Looking up!

A reminder of the volcanic land we are standing on

The viewpoint

Adam being super strong

For our final day in Rotorua we decided to visit a local forest known as the Redwoods. These trees are not native to New Zealand (originally from California) but were part of an experiment in the early 1900s to see which trees could be grown in New Zealand given its fertile volcanic soil. It turned out that the redwood trees were a success and as a result there is a large forest with numerous walking and biking trails only a mile or two from the city centre.

Lunch packed, we headed for the forest in the morning. The weather was again beautiful with barely a cloud in the sky. We opted for an intermediate walk which would take us around the forest in a couple of hours. It included one fairly strenuous climb to a viewpoint over the forest but other than that the rest of the walk was at ground level. The walk was awe inspiring given redwoods can grow as tall as 110 metres and live for 600 years!

Lunch eaten and bags packed we headed back to the bus station for our short trip to Lake Taupo where we are going to spend the next couple of days.

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