2016 Winter Trek travel blog

Sunrise in the valley

Early morning on the farm

"Me and my shadow"

These chickens were very interested in me being in front of their...

A couple of Canada geese waiting in the pasture

Angel at the Fox Cemetery

Old stone grave markers in Fox Cemetery

'57 Chevy at the Dixie Gas Show at Chip's Antiques

Flower pot sculptures at Chip's

Old signs on the porch

Gas pump covers

More pump covers and architectural iron work at Chip's

It's all for sale

Signs in pretty good shape

Old mechanical gas pump


Yard sale alley on US 411

"Smiley" attends the yard sales

Getting some air

Morristown Arts & Crafts Fair at Skymart

I got up early Saturday morning to take some pictures in a valley we passed while we drove into Sevierville. In the valley were a couple of farms and the Fox Cemetery. The cemetery was near the site of an early German settlement, the "Old Dutch Settlement". A fort stood nearby. The cemetery was named after Mark Fox who was killed by Indians on Muddy Creek, 1787 and was buried in the Cemetery. An early Lutheran church is believed to have been near the cemetery but is no longer visible. There were some rough hewn grave stones in the cemetery and an angel at the entrance. I shot most of the pictures of the valley from the cemetery as it was on a hillside overlooking the valley.

While the valley didn't give me the images I was looking for, across the road was Chip's Antiques and the The Dixie Gas Show was in progress. Dixie Gas was founded in 1989 and has been held at Chip's Antiques since 1994. The Dixie Gas Show is made up of gas and oil collectibles, antique toys, pedal cars, license plates, automobilia, and just about anything that was found in an old country store. It is a collectors dream. Dixie Gas is apparently the largest show of its kind held in the Southeast. Chip's Antiques, at which Dixie Gas is held, is also home to one of the largest antique shops in the area. While I was taking pictures a beautiful '57 Chevy pulled in front of one of the buildings providing a great foreground for one of the images.

Along US 411, it appears that Saturday morning is when people park along the side of the road and various parking lots for Yard Sales/Flea Markets. It's like driving through a gauntlet in some areas with cars parked on the shoulders on both sides of the road. Traffic was horrendous getting back to River Plantation in Sevierville. In addition to the sales, there was a soccer tournament at the local high school that had hundreds of cars in the parking lot and trying to get into the parking lot. Add to all this was the car show in Pigeon Forge and it takes extra time to go even small distances along the Parkway from Sevierville to Gatlinburg.

After the seminars at the rally, I had to pick up a couple of prescriptions from the closest Riteaid in Morristown, TN about 40 miles away. Sue decided she didn't want to make the ride so she stayed at Winnie. By staying home she missed the Skymart Arts & Crafts Fair held to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the building of the Skymart on Main Street, an "overhead sidewalk" that turned the second floor of the existing buildings into a new "street" while serving as a canopy for the sidewalks below. It was a 1960's urban renewal boondoggle that was supposed to turn the dilapidated central business district into a bright and enticing commercial haven to compete with shopping centers that had been built on the periphery of the town. Apparently it never really worked, but the city continues to draw people to the downtown district with regular events like the Craft Fair, car shows, another events during the their. I bought a pulled pork sandwich at the fair before heading back to Sevierville. It was a beautiful day for cruising through the East Tennessee hills along US 25E.

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