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It took us a while to get going this morning. We had to return the high speed internet cable modem to Brighthouse and finish power washing the concrete pad on our new campsite. And then for good measure take a few more photos. It will be a while before we return and we could forget what it looks like.

When we finally hit the road, traffic was heavy and we began to regret our decision to leave today, rather than waiting for the Easter weekend to be over. It helped to take the tollway. In Florida it feels like the tollways are a bit more expensive than at home and people tend to avoid them, unlike at home. And as we left the Orlando area, there began to be larger spaces between the vehicles.

Once we crossed the border into Georgia, the expressway was lined with bill boards. Some advertised Carroll’s Sausage and Country Store. We’d read that Carroll's also has a campground that includes free breakfast. Even though we are in the middle of nowhere, the store was busy. But even though things are busy, we are almost alone in a campground with full utilities and internet for $30. Since tomorrow is Easter Sunday, the Carroll's staff will be at church rather than serving breakfast, so they gave us a $10 voucher for meat. The assortment for sale was mind boggling and some items unfamiliar. When I looked at the ingredient list for souse, the first item listed was pig’s snouts. A country store indeed.

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