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It was a bit premature, but we celebrated Mardi Gras at the campground today. We heard this had not been a holiday on the celebration list here in year's past. Anyone and everyone was invited to be in the parade. We've been in other campgrounds that decorate golf carts for this event, but here people seem to be more active and there aren't many golf carts around to turn gold, purple, and green. It left us missing all the Mardi Gras goodies we accumulated when we were in New Orleans a few years ago. We have all this great paraphenalia sitting in the basement, when we could have been the stars of the show. There are fifty pounds of necklaces in our basement doing nothing. All we could do was to wear the necklaces which normally hang from our light fixtures, a very modest gesture. The King and Queen of the parade were the campground owner and his wife. George is also slated to be the parade marshal for the St. Patrick's Day parade in Tucson later in the month, so today was just practice. Some of the hobby groups marched en masse. No one threw necklaces, but the lady who runs the bimonthly wine tasting soirees threw corks. After a tasting she must have more than enough corks left over.

The parade finished in the main parking lot, where the kitchen crew was gearing up to serve jambalaya, rice and red beans, and bread pudding. People worried that that the jambalaya would be too spicy, but the cooks had geared way down. We missed having King Cake. We were the King and Queen of our rally group when we attended Mardi Gras, because I got the plastic baby buried in the King Cake. Perhaps in this TexMex land of tacos and tamales, King Cake is not so easy to find. Mardi Gras decorations are nowhere to be seen, once we leave the campground.

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