Road Trip 2013 travel blog

Are we sure that we should be letting these guys do this?

Hey Guys, do we really have to go again?

Bev, did you know that Hugh is coming with us? He's hangin'...

It's a beautiful morning in the low 70's and warming up fast along with the humidity! Hugh came over and helped Dave with the bikes as when I opened the shade after we parked the camper here Dave noticed that the ladder step had broken that the bike rack was attached to and the bikes were hanging cross ways. We were so fortunate that they hung on as we have no idea at what point during the trip that the step broke as we hadn't touch them so far! The guys moved them up the ladder some and secured them again.

We had to make tracks :( and we were on the road again about 10. See ya in about nine weeks Bev and Hugh! Thanks for a wonderful visit and everything! The next time we meet up we will be shaking a leg to the two step and singing karaoke along with all the great friends at SeaWind!

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