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Today we leave Orleans and the Loire Valley to head for Brittany & Normandie, our destination being the seaport town Saint-Malo (,3,2,203.php). A long drive is ahead of us so we get an early start, opting for breakfast on the road rather than at the hotel.

The drive across the Loire Valley is uneventful and we make quick time. The sun is shining and the skies are a clear blue which makes for a most enjoyable trip. Large open flat expanses of land under cultivation (lucernse, wheat?) is the scenery of the day. As we near our destination however, there is a subtle change in the terrain and vegetation, which indicates we are entering a coastal region.

Entering Saint Malo, we are struck by how different the architecture is here. The buildings are tall and narrow rather than the wide squat type we are used to seeing in the interior parts of the country. Seagulls can be seen (and heard) in the skies, and the unmistakable smell of the sea is in the air.

The GPS guides us to the front door of the hotel, and what a revelation!!. An old 3 story building right on the seaside. Reataurants and Creperies line the street in either direction - this promises to be a most enjoyable stay.

Went for a drive/walk to the old fortified town which offers sweeping views of the ocean on three sides. Inside the walls are the usual narrow streets, old buildings, shops, restaurants, and historical monuments. Even though we have seen many "old parts" of towns in our travels, each is unique in its own way - from the layout of the streets, the number of municipal buildings, and the architecture of the buildings (which certainly changes from region to region, and with how old the town is). We soon single out a couple of restaurants to try for the evening meal before we head back to the hotel to watch the sun set over the bay.

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