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We've paid to stay a week here in this campground and after 24 hours we can tell that a week won't be long enough for all that the Palm Springs area has to offer. For reasonably affluent geezers, there are so many indoor and outdoor things to do, we hardly knew where to start. Perhaps because we are only a few hours drive from Los Angeles, there is lots of professional entertainment - big name performers, revues, comedians, plays, etc. Not the affordable $5 per ticket we're used to paying in the Rio Grande Valley, but much higher caliber. There are obviously many other folks here who value the culture. Some of the shows we investigated are sold out.

Palm Springs, which gets just five inches of rain annually and sweats out 120-degree temperatures most summers, sits on a vast sea of ground water, which has been carefully managed and now insulates the city from the effects of drought. This oasis has the greenest grass and lushest vegetation. We're hoping to take some oasis hikes next week. Joshua Tree National Park and the Salton Sea are day trips away. Palm Springs is located a short distance away from the most viewable section of the San Andreas fault. I'm not sure what we would see if we went there, but it could be interesting.

The weekend farmer's market on the campus of the College of the Desert got rave reviews, and we give it a thumbs up, too. Cars poured in and police were stationed strategically to keep things moving. Although we saw some things for sale that we also saw in Quartzsite, items for sale here were classy, stylish, and unique. Lots of the women's clothing was loose and flowing, perfect to hide the middle-aged spread for the geezer women walking by. Ken has been looking for some magnification glasses for his home improvement projects. His bifocals never magnify what he needs to see. Well, they had reading glasses here, a huge booth full of them. Meeting the geezer needs. It was fun to see things for sale we had never seen before. The patio tables that had colored stones burning in the center were tempting to buy for our own patio if we had been closer to home. The flames came from propane burners beneath the stones and provide heat when the desert nights get chilly. Ken bought his third helicopter of the winter. He hopes to take some aerial photos. I've been waiting to write about this when the story has a happy ending and there are photos to post. The fact that he bought his third copter tells you that things aren't going well thus far.

The market hours are 7am - 2pm and it was a challenge to see it all. The early closing time made no sense today, but we hear that soon it will be too hot to carry on in the afternoon. But today the weather was perfect.

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