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Ukiah, CA - Redwood Empire Fairgrounds - Site J

Ukiah, CA - Redwood Empire Fairgrounds - Site J, another view

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 0 - our route - 85 miles

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 1 - the brown hills of these...

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 2

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 3 - this is wine country -...

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 4 - they use all available space...

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 5

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 6

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 7

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 8 - downtown Ukiah

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 9

Bodega Bay to Ukiah, CA 10

PCH Trip 0 - our route - 151 miles

PCH Trip 1 - We went through Willits, which is just north...

PCH Trip 2 - the winding road between Willits and the coast

PCH Trip 3 - it can be very dark in the forest

PCH Trip 4 - downtown Ft. Bragg

PCH Trip 5

PCH Trip 6

PCH Trip 7 - heading south on the PCH

PCH Trip 8

PCH Trip 9 - downtown Mendocino

PCH Trip 10

PCH Trip 11 - one of the beaches near Mendocino

PCH Trip 12 - the Pygmy Cypress are the light colored trees...

PCH Trip 13

PCH Trip 14 - the Bishop Pine, only a little taller than...

PCH Trip 15

PCH Trip 16 - one of the few Rhododendron still in bloom

PCH Trip 17 - the constant construction

PCH Trip 18 - the Navarro River as it approaches the coast

PCH Trip 19

PCH Trip 20

PCH Trip 21

PCH Trip 22

PCH Trip 23

PCH Trip 24

PCH Trip 25

PCH Trip 26

PCH Trip 27

PCH Trip 28 - the super twisty-turny road back across to the...

PCH Trip 29 - some steep grades as well

PCH Trip 30 - we think these are olive trees

Ukiah, CA - Redwood Empire Fairgrounds - The view from the campground...

Ukiah, CA - Redwood Empire Fairgrounds - The view from the campground...

Our trip from Bodega Bay to Ukiah was only 85 miles and pretty easy except for the first 30 or so through the hills to get back to US 101 from the coast. We are staying at the Redwood Empire Fairgrounds RV Park. We have a 50 amp full hookup site with great Verizon and an easy shot to the satellite. To get 50 amps we had to stay in one of the narrow pull-through site where most travelers stay. There are some 30 amp back-ins around the perimeter that smaller units use.

Friday, we finished off the PCH for us by driving over to the coast and starting at Fort Bragg, took the PCH south down to Point Arenas where we had left off from Bodega Bay. There is a little bit of the PCH north of Fort Bragg but we will omit that portion this trip. It was beautiful as usual and we enjoyed the drive until we started back over the mountains to get back to Ukiah. That is a 42 mile road which is the worst we have been on this trip. It was very twisty-turny as we expected but also very rough and bumpy causing Doris to not weather it very well. We averaged about 25 MPH over that stretch and thought it would never end!

We didn't do much else while here except relax and enjoy the cool weather, watch a lot of College World Series, watch a few movies and get caught up on our shopping as well as getting my ears lowered. Most importantly, Doris was able to get the x-rays the doctor had ordered since we were unable to go to Gainesville for her normal appointment. We were able to get the disk and radiology report and sent them back to her doctor at Shands at UF Hospital. It appears all is well and she is healing as she should.

Tomorrow we head for the redwoods with our first stop in Redcrest, CA where we will stay a week.

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