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Bear Country

Bear Cubs

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Water Bear

Up close and personal

More Falls

Great Pic Op

Another View

The river to the falls

Albino Elk at Bear Country

Since our trip did not include Idaho, I decided we needed a day trip there so I could include it on my calendar. Found info on Bear Country and drove through after seeing the bear cub area...very playful! Saw an albino (blonde) elk and a handful of bears. A lot were sleeping because it was hot out. Not the same as seeing them in the wild but we can say we saw some. One got close enough to the truck Harry was afraid it might climb on if we did not keep moving as instructed. Took a scenic route on the way back to the RV and saw 2 beautiful falls. On the hike back to our car, Dad took a break leaning on a fence over the walkway and thought a dog took off. Harry goes running to see if he can "save" it and turned out to be a young bear!! I had run his direction just in case a picture was in order and it climbed over the fence way too close to both of us. Sadly no pic as he were both running away about as fast as he was going the other way. It was a small (brown) black bear maybe a year old according to the ranger we talked to. What an exciting end to our trip!!

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