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on the ferry

If you consult a map of Texas and look in the area where it curves from a north-south axis to east-west, you'll know exactly where we are in the coastal bend. Virtually the whole gulf coast of Texas is protected by barrier islands. Some of them are linked together by bridges and causeways, but sometimes you just have to drive around. Where we are camped in Port Aransas, we are across the bay from Corpus Christi, so driving around could add forty miles to the trip. Fortunately, the road to the bay is linked by a ferry that takes less than five minutes to cross the channel. It would be easy to build a bridge across this short distance, but this is where large container ships come in to unload in Corpus, so a ferry makes more sense. When we leave this area we will have a long driving day ahead and waiting to put our motor home on this ferry could cause delay, so we've decided to camp across the inlet in Aransas Pass when our week here in Port Aransas is over.

When we relocate, thanks to the ferry we will travel less than twenty miles to the next campground. This gave us a unique opportunity to choose that campground by visiting it ahead of time rather than relying on our reference book and web sites as we usually do. This area is fortunate in that it is just as popular in the summer when folks from inland Texas flee the heat as it is now when Winter Texans flee the cold. The coastal bend is a favorite spot for fishermen and birders and there are countless campgrounds to choose from. Our campground research was a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. February is high season for Winter Texans so some of the campgrounds we liked were full. And some that we visited did not fit our needs. There was once built at an old airport where the campers sat on what used to be the runway. Eventually we found one that will be just right - a good price, wi fi, concrete pad and picnic table with a clear shot to the southern sky for the satellite dish are on our check list.

It was surprising how different the towns of Port Aransas and Aransas Pass are. On our side of the inlet, we find lots of intriguing restaurants and beach shops, but little in the way of things like grocery and hardware stores. Aransas Pass is far more utilitarian. But both towns are lined with miles of great hard packed beach. And between our current campground and the one we just selected, we just might spend a few days camping right on that hard packed sand.

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