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Today we are going to Jamestown. So everyone SLOWLY gets going. I am ready, but getting 4 kids ready is like 4 times harder than getting 2 kids ready. We decide to take the RV because it is just easier and we’ll deal with the parking issue if there is one. We stop by historic Jamestowne and let the girls see the flags and then we head to the state park. Inside the state park is the ORIGINAL site of Jamestown. There are numerous archeological digs going on and I can’t wait to take a look but first we need to watch a short movie on the settling of Jamestown. Most of the first settlers died because of a famine and drought during the first few years, but England kept sending more! Thankfully.

So after the movie and a quick look at the museum we headed out to the settlement. There are reproductions of some of the building where they have already excavated and covered them up and there are a few buildings that are still standing. There are at least 3 archeological digs going on. The most fascinating one is the original church building where it is suspected that Pocohontas married John Rolfe. We met with a couple of the folks who are doing the excavating (father-daughter) and they spent a great amount of time talking to us, answering questions, and even getting out a few of the artifacts they have found digging out the post holes. What is really interesting as well is that when you look down on the site, there are outlines of the bodies that are buried there. In the church. (or under it). They will not dig these up unless they find there are significant learnings that can be had. But we were standing on the site where our forefathers prayed, held services and held meetings in the 1600’s. It is certainly humbling. After a quick lunch at the RV, we headed back out to see the rest of the site, and to visit the archeiarium. Another great visit to see items excavated from the site.

Decided to head back to camp and made hot dogs in biscuits over the open fire (we learned this from our friends the Eggimans). They are DELICIOUS. Emma drops all of hers in the fire. She must starve. No, William makes one for her. They eat them almost raw.

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