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Carpe Diem at Harbour Village Resort
Actually, we're closer to Egg Harbor than...

Beautifully maintained building in Algoma, WI

Wisconsin Maritime Museum
Located in Manitowoc it depicts the history of the "freshwater...

Wisconsin Maritime Museum
USS Cobia with SS Badger. The Badger sails to Ludington,...

Wisconsin Maritime Museum
USS Cobia forward torpedo room

Wisconsin Maritime Museum
Bob shoots the clock in the USS Cobia

Bob confers with well attired gent
The RV Park had a minature golf...

Wed, 03 Aug: This morning we got ready for the road. Today's "trek" was an astonishing twenty miles from Baileys Harbor to another campground just north of Sturgeon Bay (actually, it is closer to Egg Harbor). Nevertheless, the preparations are the same regardless of the journey's length.

We made the trip via WI 57 to WI 42 and then north to the campground. We moved because this campground (Harbour Village) honors Passport America's 50% discount rate for every night. In addition, its more southern location will allow us to visit some of the Lake Michigan cities south of the Door Peninsula.

We were settled in our new site (a very nice and spacious 50 amp site with unobstructed sky for stellar satellite reception.) Regrettably, the Verizon signal is marginal so I'm having problems uploading the images that go along with this posting. Sandi had major problems with her phone's data link, but a call to Verizon solved that problem... Now it's just slow.

Thu, 04 Aug: Today was a beautiful day, sunny and not too warm. The oppressive humidity has abated and it is just beautiful. We drove to Manitowoc, a port town located on Lake Michigan. In 1997 we visited Manitowoc in our Carpe Diem (the boat) and remember it well. We'd wanted to visit the Wisconsin Maritime Museum at that time but didn't stay long enough. So, yesterday we corrected that omission.

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum chronicles the history of the 28 submarines built here during World War II for the U.S. Navy. The museum displays the best preserved example of that submarine class, the USS Cobia.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the museum, as well as our drive along the lake from Sturgeon Bay. While passing through the lakeside port of Algoma we spotted a beautifully restored building that we just had to "shoot" (see images). For dinner last evening we stopped at a local BBQ spot in Egg Harbor. We spotted them smoking the meat in an outdoor smoker a few days past and vowed we'd give them a try. Casey's BBQ in Egg Harbor did a bang up job and we both enjoyed our entrees.

Sat, 06 Aug: Yesterday (Friday) we didn't left home except to walk to the office (about ½ mile) to mail some letters. The "resort" part of this park's name became apparent mid afternoon yesterday as the (mostly) trailers-full of families (with, of course, their obligatory yippy dogs) started arriving. By nightfall the park was pretty full with each site vying for the title of "smokiest campfire". This despite temperatures in the seventies. It was so smokey that we couldn't open the windows. Ahhhh, the "joys" of staying in a "destination" campground.

Today dawned cloudy with scattered showers (and isolated thunderstorms) forecast for the early part of the day. Given how crowded the Door Peninsula can get on weekends, we'll most likely also stay at home today. We still have to get some financial paperwork in order for our tax guy, so this might be an excellent opportunity to do so.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we'll head toward Madison and hole up in a Passport America park in Lodi, which is a northern "burb". That'll allow us to top off our fresh water tank and drain the others prior to boondocking at the FMCA rally for a week. The rally will be held at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison. We'll rendezvous with the other full timers Tuesday morning and enter the rallygrounds en masse.

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