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This morning I went to REI to look for shoes that wouldn’t hurt my injured foot. There were only two styles that I thought I could wear on my sore foot. I bought a pair with short vamp and ankle strap. They seemed to be appropriate. However, after I had worn them less than an hour, my foot started swelling and I had to take them off. So it’s back to the old soft shoes that I started with. Grrr!

Tonight Val, Nancy and I attended the annual business meeting of the Travis County Farm Bureau. First, there was a free dinner of chicken-fried steak, green beans, potatoes and salad; it was good. After dinner, we elected new officers and passed two policy changes.

The speaker was George W. Bomar, State Meteorologist and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. He provides administrative and technical oversight of the rain-enhancement program and is responsible for licensing, permitting, monitoring and evaluating cloud-seeding activities statewide. He showed a great many charts illustrating our record-breaking drought. Texas endured the hottest season in history for any state – not a distinction we wanted!

Last on the program was a drawing for various prizes, including a large Thermos jug and two ice chests. We didn’t win anything.

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