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Oh my, is it going to catch fire?

Our campsite at Artillery Ridge Campground

Fountain on the campground pond

Can you spy Nellie in the tree?

Nellie checking out the neighborhood

Getting a geocache clue

And that lead us here

Virginia Wade, only civilian killed during war

Penny and Bob with Pres. Lincoln and friend. Who IS the friend?

We stopped here.


Where Lincoln gave his address

Soldiers' Field

Burning of Atlanta

The diorama of the Battle of Gettysburg

Model of Gettysburg in the diorama

That's a REAL stone wall.

Apples, apples, and more delicious smelling apples


Bob went for an early morning canoe ride up Cedar Creek this morning before we packed up to leave to Pennsylvania. It said it was so peaceful.

Left at 10:15 under overcast skies again. We did run into some rain while on the road today so I just slowed up a bit.

About 10 miles out, Bob decided he had left his note pad and the water bottles on the picnic table back at the campground so we pulled over and I called Rachel from there and asked her to please go get the note pad and told her we would call her to tell her where to mail it. And then, of course, Bob found it a little later. Duh. I called her back and let her know and all is well again.

WELCOME TO WEST VIRGINIA: 10:51 a.m. 28 miles

WELCOME TO MARYLAND: 11:15 46 miles

Ms. GPS wanted to take us about 35 miles out of our way but I was looking at the map and MD Route 77 looked like an okay route so off we went on that road. WOW!!! Talk about one long uphill, twisty turny climb!! Truck did quite well, though, and even though the road was a little narrow and made for a couple of white-knuckle times, we made it to the top. Geared down and started the equally twisty turny drive down. When we got to the bottom, I pulled over to the side so the train we had behind us could pass. OH WOW…smoke coming up from both front wheels!!! Oh, that was so scarey. I was so careful not to ride the brakes on the way down and here the brakes were smoking! I was totally sure they were going to catch fire. All I could say to Bob was “Get the fire extinguisher; get the fire extinguisher!” He got out and checked them out and said yes, they were smoking but they weren’t overly hot. The water from the road added to the hot brakes made steam that mixed with the smoke and that made it seem so bad. Well, that’s the first time I’ve ever had that happen and I was totally upset. Thank God, they slowly cooled down and we were able to continue on to Route 15 about a mile away. Whew! Thank you, God, for not letting them catch fire.


Thankfully, the rest of the route was totally uneventful and we arrived safely at the Artillery Ridge Campground around 12:42 after traveling 103 miles. This time, instead of rear to front unlevelness (is that even a word), it was side to side. Used all our boards on this setup.


Into Gettysburg for a tiny bit of sightseeing…actually, a geocache, LOL. But, President Lincoln was part of the cache so we had to get our pictures taken with him (actually his statue) on Lincoln Square. There’s another person with him and everyone sort of wonders who it is supposed to be. Most everyone seems to think it’s Perry Como but why in the world he’d be standing next to Lincoln is beyond me. However, that statue has Como’s famous cable knit sweater and loafers so who am I to argue.

After that, we stopped at the Soldiers National Cemetery then on to see the Gettysburg Diorama. After there, we accidently “found” General Pickett’s Buffet so we decided to stop for lunch. My goodness, was that good. Everything that was supposed to be hot was hot and everything that was supposed to be cold was cold. Unfortunately, my eyes were bigger than my tummy and I did come away from that brunch feeling way too full. But it was soooo good.

Then we went in search of a country fair that was in Arendtsville, just up the road a’piece. Well, we found that but there was an admission fee and we didn’t have a single dollar between the two of us so we turned around and went back to Gettysburg to get diesel for the trip tomorrow. On the way back, we passed hundreds of acres of apples and peaches…and boy, those apples smelled so good! We could smell the apples even in the truck with the A/C going and the windows rolled up! We then passed a Musselman’s processing plant so now you know where some of the Musselman’s apples come from.

At the gas station, I asked a nearby gentleman how far we were from the Visitor’s Center (I wanted to get our National Parks book stamped) and after hearing it was about a mile away, we took a quick side trip there. HUGE!! Very commercial. Got the stamp and sticker and asked where the Eisenhower NHS was. Well, you can’t drive there; you have to take a bus tour and the last one had already left for the day so that’s one sticker/stamp we won’t be getting.

Home we went … tired, full and happy. Of course, something had to mar the day and I did it. While backing into our parking spot, I scraped the left rear wheel fender along the trailer hitch and tore a huge gaping hole in it. Bob was angry and went for a walk. I came in the house and just cried. Poor truck. Thankfully, I didn’t knock the trailer off it’s blocks! Bob came back and taped up the “wound”; I finally stopped crying...and life goes on.

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