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Unique country store

Virginia Trout Company


Cute little twins

The Potomac River headwaters at its fullest


Stocking the river one prior to trout season

Re-enactment group at county historical museum

Rainbow trout

Rexrode's Sugar Camp

Pictorial history in the "automated" process room

The Patriarch pampered by his grands

Wood fire process area

Unique country store

One of the must do's at the Maplevats festival are the pancakes breakfasts. Regular and buckwheat pancakes with homemade sausage and gravy. A little heavy for me but you know who was able to put away a few "cakes". Buckwheat is not my favorite but nevertheless I tried to take the healthier choice. There were five pancake locations' and thirteen other food sites. These feature traditional favorites including one special ingredient-maple syrup.

A walk is in order after breakfast. We did just that in historic McDowell winding in and around the Confederate re-enactors. Look for our friends in the picture gallery. Sunday yet another walk through the streets of town. Our day would not have been complete without a visit to Rexrode's Sugar Camp. This sugar camp features trees over 200 years old(three generation farm). They use the old fashioned "open pan" system of evaporation as well as the newer wood-fired evaporation method with MILES of plastic tubing to gather the sugar water. Once(please note once) we volunteered to help with the tapping of trees. This is very hard work. There is a distinct configuration of drilling followed by tapping plugs into the holes. Of course, this must be connected properly to the gravity fed feed line. The collection point is strategically placed stainless steel vats. As the syrup is collected, the evaporation process begins. It takes man hours and manpower. We are partial to Mr. Rexrode's syrup!!

Watching the river being stocked was rather exciting as fly fishing began Saturday. My mouth waters in anticipation of a fish sandwich from the hatchery-and- yes, I ate the whole thing! Even women fly fish!

Having returned home, we are back in the swing of doctor appointments, etc. Got a good report today from the radiation oncologist. We are enjoying beautiful weather, near 80 degrees. Amy and Jacob will be coming for a visit this week-end. He is 19 months old now and like many children these days is smart, witty, sneaky, and lovable!!

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