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This is part of the "catch and release" pond.

Just a view of the typical layout.

Community building.

This is what the majority of the park looked like.

One of the real locals.

Or should I say natives.

Obviously, they were immune to human presence.

Just a neat picture. This was the path leading away from the...

Nothing in particular. Just a mossy tree.

Looking down part of "D" loop, which was obviously much more wooded.

This is the street where I lived. That is my truck, but...

Just enjoy the pictures.

The balloon pictures were actually taken yesterday, but it seemed fitting to throw them in here, on Valentines Day.

I woke up to a strange noise that I couldn't place. Didn't know if it was coming from my trailer, or somewhere else. So I went outside to listen, and still couldn't figure it out for awhile. Then one of these guys flew within sight. Very cool. The noise I heard was the burner firing.

The other pictures were taken here in the park.

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