Wandering Wolverines 2010 travel blog

All ready for our drive thru all those beautiful mountains!!!

What a difference a day makes1

Beautiful Keystone Canyon in the rain!

Seems that most signs in AK have been used for target practice!

Devils Elbow

rough road - Tok Cutoff

Saw this on our last trip, it is out of Vancouver -...

Lots of rain - swollen rivers

More bad road, look at the lines on the edges of the...

A couple of hrs of this, I am feeling sea sick!

Up & down, left & right, wheeee - excuse the wiper, I...

This plain was taking off right next to us . . .

Have I mentioned food prices are high? These were half bad too!

The other side of this melon was starting to go bad. ....

$1.50 for 1 kiwi

No thanks!

Burls on trees, very common around here, they make all kinds of...

More high water

Where's my ginger? More bad roads. . .

and more

occassionally we see a great view, the mountains are very shy tho.

at least they marked this one!

kinda cool!


Bear Grass - pretty, but can be very dangerous for animals

A low mountain!

Not all bad roads. . . nearing Tok

Got into Tok RV early - it's partly sunny & very WARM!

In front of the office

oh so pretty!

Cannot leave AK without saying good-bye to Sarah!

FREE Entertainment at Tok RV Park - Dave Stancliff - local singer...

Another quick note, we are all snug in our little home, listening as the rain pours on the roof. When we get out of all the rain, Ron is going to have to put a yard sprinkler on the roof or I won't be able to sleep!

We had a non-eventful trip to Tok, Ron was worried about coming back up the hill from Valdez (2500 feet in 7 miles) - but our little buggy took it in stride! So we had a lot of bad roads, lots of rain & clouds, but tonight is warmer - we are only wearing 1 layer of nite clothes to bed (not even socks) tonite! That is a big improvement from the last couple of weeks!

We came back to the Tok RV Park, mostly to hear Dave Stancliff's show again. If you haven't heard him - he's great - music (he writes most of it), humor, light kidding for the RV group (all of us), & lots of good laughs - and it's free!

Negative here, 45 mins FREE WiFi - not enough to do much of anything! Can purchase more, but it is expensive - so I'll finish this up & get off.

We are heading towards Hyder, but don't expect to get that far tomorrow. Ron can feel his easy chair calling him at home --- I feel like I've just been dreaming! It's too much, too fast . . . but I have lots of photos & journaling to keep me busy for awhile. I miss my family, but they do just fine w/o me - looking forward to meeting up w/some new friends soon . . . goodnite!

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