2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

leaving Bowling Green - even the main drag through town isn't very...

and the country roads are quieter still

there's a little traffic in the towns

but then it's back to this

Ohioans like their plastic flowers too - this cemetery is not as...

no earthquakes here so they build a lot with brick

how long has it been since you've seen an operating Drive-in Theater?...

we are paralleling the Ohio Turnpike here - 10 to 20 miles...

every couple of miles you pass another car

this town has a 'roundabout' and the town cop and a bunch...

we followed this pick up with his load of corn out of...

farm machinery is slow but they don't usually go very far before...

it's a crisis when four cars and a motorhome all meet at...

but the crisis passed and we had the road to ourselves again

this is the last week of school and the kids are still...


it looks a little like Pennsylvania here

by next week this will all be over

For another 140 miles we have northern Ohio pretty much to ourselves


Bowling Green, Ohio is the boyhood home of Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton, one of our favorite ice skaters. We started the morning driving through Bowling Green - not looking for Scott because he doesn't live there anymore, but trying to find a Kroger store.

Kroger is a decent supermarket chain and we needed groceries. Kroger also has gas stations where they give you a discount, and we needed gas too. The sign says they will give you a discount of $0.20 per gallon if you buy $50.00 or more in groceries. When you haven't been grocery shopping in a week spending $50.00 is a cinch, and when you're driving a motorhome that's almost empty 20 cents a gallon adds up to quite a savings. I don't think they had us in mind when they decided to make that offer.

Fortunately for Kroger we bought $95.00 worth of groceries, because we also bought 50 gallons of gas! At $2.659 Kroger was already 2 cents cheaper than everyone else in town, and at $2.459 we saved another $10.00. The best part was getting to do it all in one stop.

We headed out of Bowling Green on the back roads, and we followed them all the way to our KOA in Streetsboro. Streetsboro is about 30 miles south of Cleveland and we decided it would make a good base of operations while we're in the Cleveland area. We don't have any particular agenda in Cleveland. We've never been there before and we just want to see it and find out what there is to do.

We arrived at the Streetsboro KOA mid afternoon and settled in for a nice evening in a quiet and parklike setting. Tomorrow we'll check out Cleveland.

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