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Glen Margaret, NS - Wayside Camping Site 33

Glen Margaret, NS - Wayside Camping Site 33, another view

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Peggy's Cove Drive 1 - the Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial just...

Peggy's Cove Drive 2 - another part of the memorial

Peggy's Cove Drive 3 - a sailboat just offshore of the memorial

Peggy's Cove Drive 4 - the Peggy's Cove Lighthouse from a distance

Peggy's Cove Drive 5

Peggy's Cove Drive 6

Peggy's Cove Drive 7

Peggy's Cove Drive 8 - the Peggy's Cove Lighthouse a little closer...

Peggy's Cove Drive 9 - the woman in front is playing an...

Peggy's Cove Drive 10 - the Peggy's Cove community

Peggy's Cove Drive 11 - more of the community

Peggy's Cove Drive 12 - a local business

Peggy's Cove Drive 13

Peggy's Cove Drive 14

Peggy's Cove Drive 15

Peggy's Cove Drive 16

Peggy's Cove Drive 17

Peggy's Cove Drive 18

Peggy's Cove Drive 19

Peggy's Cove Drive 20

Peggy's Cove Drive 21 - a personal lighthouse

Peggy's Cove Drive 22

Peggy's Cove Drive 23

Halifax Trip 1 - coming into Halifax

Halifax Trip 2 - the grave markers of the Titanic Victims

Halifax Trip 3 - most are simple like this one

Halifax Trip 4 - some are larger like this one

Halifax Trip 5 - or this one

Halifax Trip 6 - or this one

Halifax Trip 7 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 1

Halifax Trip 8 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 2

Halifax Trip 9 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 3

Halifax Trip 10 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 4

Halifax Trip 11 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 5

Halifax Trip 12 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 6 -...

Halifax Trip 13 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 7

Halifax Trip 14 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 8 -...

Halifax Trip 15 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 9

Halifax Trip 16 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 10

Halifax Trip 17 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 11 -...

Halifax Trip 18 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 12 -...

Halifax Trip 19 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 13 -...

Halifax Trip 20 - The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 14 -...

Halifax Trip 21 - The Old Burying Ground 1

Halifax Trip 22 - The Old Burying Ground 2

Halifax Trip 23 - The Old Burying Ground 3

Halifax Trip 24 - The Old Burying Ground 4

Halifax Trip 25 - The Old Burying Ground 5

Halifax Trip 26 - The Old Burying Ground 6

Halifax Trip 27 - St Matthews Church

Halifax Trip 28 - St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica

Halifax Trip 29 - the warehouse district along the waterfront

Halifax Trip 30 - the view of the clock tower from downtown

Halifax Trip 31 - downtown street

Halifax Trip 32 - and another

Halifax Trip 33 - The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows built...

Halifax Trip 34 - another view of The Chapel of Our Lady...

Halifax Trip 35 - some of the cemetery

Halifax Trip 36 - some more

Halifax Trip 37 - one of the former Canadian Prime Ministers is...

Halifax Trip 38 - York Redoubt 1 - one of the new...

Halifax Trip 39 - York Redoubt 2 - one of the tunnels

Halifax Trip 40 - York Redoubt Historical Site - the lighthouse at...

Halifax Trip 41 - York Redoubt 4 - the view of the...

Halifax Trip 42 - York Redoubt 5 - some of the grounds

Halifax Trip 43 - York Redoubt 6 - a tanker entering the...

Halifax Trip 44 - York Redoubt 7 - more of the grounds

Halifax Trip 45 - York Redoubt 8 - some of the guns...

Halifax Trip 46 - a Smart Car being used for driver's ed

Halifax Trip 47 - a Rubic's Cube painted on a roadside rock

Halifax Trip 48 - a lighthouse McDonald's

We awoke Sunday morning to a very wet day - it had been raining all night and continued all day. Thankfully the drive over to Glen Margaret was only 55 miles with most of it on highway 103 which is like our interstates. We had to feed the Mothership on the way, $4.01 per gallon, but still made it here a little after noon. Wayside Camping is about 25 miles from Halifax and 5 miles from Peggys Cove so is convenient to see both. We have 30 amp full hookups and pretty good WiFi - it drops off every now and then but performs well for the most part. I was able to shoot the satellite from under the trees but the signal is gettng weaker as we go North so we don't know how much longer we will have DirecTV. We spent the afternoon taking care of household duties so we would be able to spend the rest of our time exploring.

Monday, the day broke beautifully and we headed for Peggys Cove. This is probably the prettiest part of Canada we have seen this year so far. Peggy Cove is on the same road our campground is and it continues past Peggy Cove around the peninsula and then back to where we are in a 51 mile loop so we decided to see the whole thing. On the way to Peggys Cove we stopped at the Swiss Air Flight 111 Memorial. This area of the coast is very rocky and actually feels like you are on a mountain as you walk from one area to another. We then stopped in Peggys Cove to see the Peggys Point Lighthouse which is the most photographed lighthouse in Canada. Looking at the picture you can see why. It is not only octagonal is sits on an outcropping of huge boulders on the coastline - extraordinary! We then drove the other 46 miles of the loop just enjoying the sights. It is such a beautiful area of this province.

Tuesday we went to Halifax, the capitol of Nova Scotia. It is a somewhat small metropolis just full of history. We started off going to the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site of Canada. This a magnificently maintained fort that was so impregnable that it was never attacked. Appparently the port in Halifax was so important that the British wanted to make sure it was never taken. Next we went to the Old Burying Ground which was the first cemetery in Halifax, started in 1749.

Then we went on a drive up Water street to take in the warehouse district. Not many of the old warehouses are left as many have been replace with modern buildings. Next we were on to the Holy Cross Cemetery to see the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows which was built in 1843 by 2,000 people in one day AND IT IS STILL STANDING! The cemetery is very large and still in use.

The York Redoubt National Historic Site of Canada is on an adjacent peninsula overlooking Halifax Harbor. This is another well preserved site that played a large part in the defense of the harbor and Halifax. One interesting fact is that all of the emplacements in the Halifax area were some of the first to use rifled cannons in the mid nineteenth century.

We were hungry by this time so decided to try what is called the best pizza in Halifax. This is at Salvatore's Pizzaiolo Trattoria and we'll have to admit it was one of the best we have eaten. They have a very thin crust, browned very well on the bottom so it is stiff enough to pick up and eat, their own special garlic tomato sauce and lots of topping. We only ate half of it and will eat the other half in a couple of days.

Today, Thursday was a day of relaxing since we had seen every thing we wanted to see. It also gave me time to put some hiking badges on our sticks as well as try to see why our hot water heater wasn't working on electricity but just on LP. I tore it all apart, couldn't find anything wrong so put it back together and it started working. Some days are like that. The only problem is the problem will probably return!

Tomorrow we head for a one-night stop at Antigonish before spending a week near Baddeck and the Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

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