A&E on the World Heritage Train East 2009 travel blog

Kyoto Tower with appropriate reflections in glass...

Shinkansen from above

Silver pavillion and modern zen approach to gravel

Ginkakuji gardens

Autumn trees and the Silver Pavillion in Ginkakuji gardens

Erica and salted cucumber lolly

Philosopher's Walk

The canal besides the Philosopher's Walk

Kyoto Tower reflected in Kyoto Station

It was Erica's last day in Japan today before a long journey home, so we tried to take it easy. We went to Kyoto station first to get our train tickets and while there went up on the roof of the station, 12 or so stories up, and interesting views. Then we took a bus to the Silver Pavillion at Ginkakuji Temple. The Pavillion itself was nothing special, but the gardens were superb, not least as even more maples are going red. They also featured an interesting modernist approach to zen gravel, with a concrete cone representing Fuji and some unusual raking, hopefully clear in the photos, when I eventually get to a PC that will let me upload pics.

I keep forgetting to mention, if I'm not around, Japanese women come up to Erica and stroke her arm. This may be out of sympathy for going out with me, or for luck, who knows?

After that we walked the Philospopher's Path, a mile or so along a canal in the Eastern temple district, very pretty indeed, occasional shops and cafes, etc. For both of us its our last day in Kyoto, and we could easily spend another week here, there is so much to see, and some great temple-filled forested mountains on three sides of this huge old city.

And really that was it. I accompanied Erica to the airport and saw her off, and am now back on my own again! :-( Tomorrow I'm heading towards Chusenji Lake, on the front cover of the Japan Times yesterday with pictures of a fiery maple-filled island. The paper predicts Tuesday as the peak day for Autumn colour this year, so I will be there!

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