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Axis Deer in Front of Mikail's Site

Deer Near Campsites

Medina River - Picnic Lunch - Mikail, Randy and Lin

Medina River - Lin Owen, Mikail Davenport & Randy Williams

Medina River - Mikail, Glenda and Randy

Medina River

Pond Between Bandera & Medina

Pond Between Bandera & Medina

Pond Between Bandera & Medina

Birdhouses on Large Tree Stump in Medina

Love Orchards Store - Medina

Love Orchards Store - Sign Above Entrance

Love Orchards Store - Quilts

Love Orchards Store - Salsas

Saturday Dinner - Bruce, Glenda, Mikail and Randy.

Saturday Dinner - Lin Owen and Bruce Woodall

Saturday Dinner - Mikail Davenport and Randy Williams

Windmill on Schmidke Road


This morning I left at 10:00, heading for Bandera for an unofficial Cen-Tex LoW campout. There are only four of us this time. Mikail brought a friend, Randy Williams, of Austin. I was a little disappointed that so few came.

On the way, I stopped at Camping World near New Braunfels to see whether they could install a Hott Rodd in my water heater. I had to make an appointment for later. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a long time because it is a hassle to use propane all the time.

The wind has been blowing all day, as the cold front continues to pass through this area. When I turned west from New Braunfels, I could really feel the effects of it.

Late this afternoon we sat in the conversation pit behind the office for happy hour. We didn’t stay very long, though, because the wind was a bit too chilly. Even with a jacket on, I felt too cool.


Route: I-25 S to New Braunfels => TX 46 W to Bandera => TX 16 S

Total Miles Driven: 117

Weather Conditions: Sunny, dry and windy

Road Conditions: Good most of the way. Road construction west of New Braunfels

RV Park: Skyline Ranch RV Park

Park Conditions: Long level sites, nature walk to river, free Wi-Fi


This morning we all gathered in Mikail’s motorhome for pastries and coffee. Then he had to do some work for a client, so Lin and I left and just visited a while in his motorhome.

For lunch we all went down to the river and sat at a picnic table. Then we drove down closer to the river to check it out. The water was very clear.

This afternoon I called my favorite mobile RV tech in Austin to get an estimate on what he would charge to install a Hott Rodd in my water heater. He was away from his van and didn’t have his price list with him. He will check the price and call me back tomorrow or Monday. He said that he could not meet Camping World's price but that he would do a better job. I believe him He does, indeed, do good work; he’s a perfectionist, which is exactly the type person I want to do jobs for me!


This morning we met for breakfast in Lin’s rig. Then we went in Mikail’s car to Kerrville via TX 16, a very pretty drive. On the way back we made a few stops.

First, we checked out the Hill Country Resort and Event Center (formerly Las Aves RV Resort) four miles north of Medina as a possible campout location to recommend for next year. The new owners have refurbished it. We picked up a sample weekly newsletter and the November activities calendar and I signed up for their weekly e-mail newsletter. I also asked them about their group rates. They don’t really have group rates but do offer a 15% discount off the daily rate of $28 ($23.80) for TACO members. We would not have exclusive use of the event center but it is big enough that we could “squat” in a corner in relative privacy. One thing that is different from other parks we have visited is that there are three levels of free camping for the wagon master: 7 rigs – 1 free night; 10 rigs – 2 free nights and 13 rigs – 3 free nights. That should get Stuart’s attention! (

Our next stop was at a big pond in a lovely setting with large hills behind it. I just had to take some photos! My three longsuffering buds took it in stride. Bless them!

In Medina we stopped at the Love Orchard Store where I had hoped to buy a jug of apple cider; but they sell it only by the cup. The cashier said we could get a jug at the Love Apple Orchard up the road from the store. We stopped there but learned that we would have to take a little train to the store where we could buy the cider. We elected to head on back to Bandera.

Late this afternoon Bruce Woodall came over to the RV park to visit with us. Mikail talked him into staying to have dinner with us. And what a dinner it was! We had steak, lobster tail, grilled vegetables, Italian bread and stuffed olives. Yummy!

After dinner we all went to see Ethel Fitzgerald. She has been battling a respiratory problem for about three months and just didn’t feel up to visiting us at the RV park. I was glad she didn’t come because I don’t think it would have been good for her to be out in the chilly air. I’m glad we went to her place instead. We didn’t stay very long, though, because we could tell that it was difficult for her to talk, with her labored breathing. She will be having more tests next week. We certainly hope the doctor can do something to give her relief.

The weather today has been gorgeous. It was chilly enough all day that a sweater felt good.

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