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vineyards on Old Mission Peninsula

Bower's Harbor Inn (now a B&B for sale) is haunted by Genevive...

school on a schooner!

log cabin lived in around mid 1850s

Old Mission Lightstation

view from front of lighthouse

I was in Yellowstone, geographic center, here, and Perry, ME - love...

but my feet aren't wet! What's up?

Old Mission General Store started and still run by the Welsh!

Old Mission's old mission!!

smoke signals = "you've got mail"!

On this day, I went to the tip of the little peninsula that divides the Traverse Bay into East and West Bays. There is a little lighthouse there, a log cabin that was moved from the center of the peninsula so visitors can look and learn, and many wooded trails to follow. They were longer than I thought, too.

One sign says the 45th parallel is about a mile to the north in the water and another one says we are standing on the 45th parallel. It also says that it goes through the geographic center of the U.S. And I was very near there, too! Remember when I stayed in Beulah, WY and went to see the geographic center of the U.S?

I have been walking trails and sand paths since arriving here. So, of course, I have foot problems again. It's always my left foot, and now it's not my toes, but the ball of my foot. By the time I ended this day, I was limping and every step hurt. I had a blister that was healing, but now I have another big one so that it is below the middle 3 toes of my foot. Oh, and guess what? When I was finished walking, I reached for my phone to call a friend, but the phone wasn't there! I walked the path I took one more time (it took over an hour) and searched the log I limboed under and the bench where I sat and took a break but didn't find it.

I was hot, tired, and hungry, so I stopped in Old Mission and ate at the General Store. I had a "pastie". No, it's not what you think - it's pronounced "pass-tee" and it's like roast beef hash in pastry. I learned it is a Welsh lunch that tin miners took with them and heated up in their hard hats! It was leftovers from their Sunday dinner, and the pastry was formed so as to have a hard edge on one side. It was to hold the pastie while they ate it, but then they threw the edge against the mine wall for the "gremlins". They believed the gremlins were the spirits of past Welsh miners that must be fed in order not to harm or harass the present-day miners. And, that method of having lunch made the men avoid having lead in their meals (where there's tin, there's lead).

When I got back to Traverse City, I passed a Best Buy at 8:45 PM and in that last 15 minutes the store was open, I got a new phone for free - I get one every 2 years with my plan. So I went from a hot pink to a grape phone. My contacts were backed up on Verizon and I figured out how to restore them to my new phone, so I'm all set again!

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