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Just before sunrise at Angkor Wat

The hordes rushing in to get their sunrise photo




The south gate of Bayon





















Having a mid-wats siesta

Back to Angkor






Dancing at the wedding



Its been a great couple of days in Siem Reap so far, chilling out in the Butterfly Restaurant, lazing by the pool, taking in the sights and sounds of the time and hanging out with Boris who is also in town.

I braved the early start and headed out at 4.30am today in Mr Bean's tuk-tuk to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat. I bought my $20US pass on arrival and had my photo taken, which appears on the pass and was checked at every wat I went to. It was still dark when we arrived and the sun didn't rise until closer to 7am. A sleep-in would have been nice but to get a good spot for a photo you have to be early, at least 1000 other people were there too!

From there I spent the rest of the day going between various other wats in the park, not even coming close to seeing all of them on the one day pass though. The most impressive one I saw was Ta Phrom, which has been reclaimed to a great extent by the jungle of the preceding centuries and was the place that Tomb Raider was filmed. Absolutely incredible. We finished off the day back at Angkor Wat to see it in daylight then headed back to the hotel to cool off with a swim. The sun here is phenomenally hot!

I found myself invited to a Cambodian wedding that night (long story) and although I missed the start of the reception, the party that continued after was really impressive. As soon as I walked in the entrance I had a glass thrust into my hand into which (warm) beer was poured continually all night and large chunks of ice generously added. Literally every minute or two someone would come up and chink glasses and 'cheers' then you were expected to down the contents of your glass.

There was a lot of dancing, that was only done by males, and focused on dancing in an almost Conga like fashion around a circular table in the middle of the hall. There was no explanation anyone could give me as to why no girls were dancing so I decided to just join in anyway. A Lot of fun and a real highlight of my time in Cambodia.

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